Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2 Friends

I know they say that "dog is man's best friend" - but let me tell you- I could learn a lot about this "best friend" business from Miss Amy.
Amy and Mom have been the best of friends for over 20 years. They have weathered bad boyfriends, divorces, cross country moves, celebrations of new loves, new jobs, lousy jobs, "what am I doing this for" jobs, the loss of beloved pets, the aging of one's parents, changing styles, expanding waistlines, weight watchers and the greying of hair. Through it all - because of it all - they got through it with tears, cookie dough, and a lot of laughs. And by laughs - I do mean "laugh so hard it brings tears to your eyes" kind of laughs.

Amy took her vacation to come to NYC to help Mom with last weekend's craft show. After 3 long - hot days of hard work, it was time to relax. Nobody gets Mom to relax like Miss Amy. Now I'm not saying Mom is uptight - but in 51 years - she has NEVER come home with a bright RED pedicure! Until now that is. (The toe rings are Miss Amy's - of course).

For 2 days following the show - they laughed, they shopped, they even drank margaritas in the middle of the afternoon! (If you find yourself in NYC - Dos Caminos on 3rd & E 50th St. Lovely margaritas - and killer guacamole).

Yes - they are the classic Mary & Rhoda friendship. Amy will always be the cooler hip friend trying to pull Mom into the 21st Century. (You should have seen her try to convince Mom that she could pull off the True Religion skinny jean look....)

Amy headed back to Florida this morning. They went to the coffee shop at the corner for one more "Seinfeld" breakfast, came back and grabbed the big black (overstuffed) suitcase and hailed a cab to take Miss Amy to the airport. We're both a little sad, but as we sit here, with yet another cup of coffee, we realize how very lucky we are.

We have dear friends here in the city - but I hope everyone of you is lucky enough to have that one best friend. The one who knows you better than you know yourself. The one who will be there with you through thick and thin. Never judge, always support you (even when she knows that the guy you're dating is going to break your heart...she'll never say I told you so - but she will always have the big bowl of cookie dough with 2 spoons at the ready!).

Safe travels Miss Amy - and thanks for teaching Mom that I should always get a cookie BEFORE my breakfast!
You're the best!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The BIG Show

We've been baking for TWO DAYS...and putting the finishing touches on our dog place mats.
TOMORROW starts the BIG SHOW at Lincoln Center.

I will be hanging out in the AC with Due - but Mom and best bud Aunt Amy will be representing CENTRAL BARK DESIGNS at the American Crafts Festival in NYC (at Lincoln Center). If you are in the city - stop by booth #N-233 (North side of the Opera House) and say hello.

More updates later - some needs their beauty sleep....and it's not me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've Got Mail

I love mail! Packages addressed to me just Make My Day!
Today's package was special. Not only was it for me (my favorite kind) - but it went to help a good cause (one of Mom's favorite things)

This one clearly was for me.

Although I needed a little help with the bubble wrap!

IT'S A CRAB! Mom found it on the etsy site HELP THE GULF COAST

A number of etsy artisans are donating their work to help raise funds for The National Wildlife Federation and OxFam America - and their response to the disaster in the Gulf Coast. This beauty was orderd through Handmade Louisiana and is from the shop of Natalie Fontane at Scriverner's Retreat. Check out their sites for more information.

I haven't figured out what to name this guy (and yes, all my stuffies are named). Any ideas?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why We LOVE The 5th Ave. Apple Store...

They have the coolest store on 5th Avenue.
They are open 24/7
Free Wi-Fi in the adjoining Plaza. Yes, I can blog from there - I haven't - but I can!
I'M ALLOWED IN THE APPLE STORE and they are VERY friendly (lots of attention for moi)
The store is it is very cool in the hot summer months
I get to laugh at how "un-hip" Mom is...
Seriously People - she just figured out how to use iTunes!
Aunt Amy works for Apple - which is why Mom got a MacBook, which made it very easy for
you to perform her duties as my blog editor in chief.

The #1 Reason We Love the 5th Avenue Apple's across the street from....

Next time you find yourself in Manhattan - check out the Apple Store @ 5th & 59th.
Or check out the virtual tour here.

NOTE from the Editor: If you are with dog - and have left Central Park - and need to find the nearest "facility"....this is a good choice. Take the elevator downstairs. Just sayin'.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Perfect Drinking Fountain

NOTE: My Editor has been after me for some of the sloppy writing (her words) in this blog lately.
Apparently if you do not have the photos to illustrate the particular point you are making -
the Editor thinks you should edit that part of the story out.

Case in point: The Doggie Drinking Fountain mentioned in the previous post.

I argue that it was part of the journey - and I explained why there was no photo. SHE DIDN'T TAKE ONE.
You see, the Editor, the Photographer and Mom are (of course) one in the same.

Why is it that Editors and Writers have and will always have "creative differences"?
I know, it's because "they" think they're in charge. Well listen here sister - there's wouldn't be a blog if I didn't have the original thoughts to put to paper and create something for you to EDIT! HA!

MOVING ON. I did a little research this evening and found a couple of photos in our archives that illustrate the "Doggie Water Fountain":

Due is demonstrating the refreshing aspect of a cool drink of water...
While I am showing you the benefit of being able to dump out the old water by lifting the metal tab (on the left side of the bowl) therefore allowing you to fill the reserve area with fresh water....AND CREATE A PUDDLE AT THE SAME TIME FOR EXTRA REFRESHMENT POSSIBILITIES.


There are several of these special fountains throughout the Park. I for one would like to thank the Central Park Conservancy for thinking of their canine visitors!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Kind of Day

There's only one reason to be happy about my day ending like this....

It started like this!

The Puddle Dive

This morning it was just me and Mom heading out to the Park. It was nice to have some 1 on 1 time. The weather was already a little muggy and since I do came fully equipped with a lovely red full length fur....I knew I could make it work for me....and boy did I. (Ben would be proud of me!)

We altered our path so we would get to the doggy water fountain (sorry - photog was busy making the fresh stream of water come out of the magical fountain - apparently she couldn't do that AND take pics!)

After the drinking fountain...we headed across the Bethesda Terrace....and sweet Jesus, what did we see....GOLDENS AND LABS AND ASSORTED OTHERS...IN THE LAKE.

The Wet Look
Mom even let me join in on the fun!

Big Splash
Now THIS is fun!!!!

We joined up with a group of friends from the neighborhood - and as we headed around the lake and through the ramble to approach the Boathouse from the west side....everyone was paying attention to this woman with her pet birds!

I'm not a big bird fan - but while they provided some distraction - I snuck around the rock and went BACK IN THE WATER!!! (Suddenly I'm a big fan of birds - HUGE in fact!)

We finally made it to the Boathouse Cafe

where treats, muffins and bacon were there for the asking (OK. Fine. They were there for the begging - but we all know we get whatever we want - look at those faces!)

After the Boathouse we headed over to the Conservatory Pond - watched the remote controlled boats. Met up with Aunt D. Meandered through the Park some more. It was a great day!

From the time we left - until the time we got back - it was a 6 hour adventure! When we got home I knew it was tub time. I got a quick rinse - Mom got soaked. PERFECT!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Until our next adventure...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Little Chic-a-dee

Well - actually it's an American Goldfinch. And it's my BIRTHDAY PRESENT!
The Audubon Birds are my favorite stuffies. They sell them at The Dairy in Central Park - and this one (Goldie - after our favorite Chicago Anchorman, Jeff Goldblatt) joins Hawkeye, my Christmas present. (Hawkeye is a Red Tailed Hawk)

What I love about these birds is that instead of a silly "squeek" they actually have an authentic bird call, provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. How cool is that!

I really don't think you need to document me bonding with Goldie - oh well.

Mom was very busy baking treats for my birthday last night. At least I THOUGHT they were for my birthday. Turns out she took most of them to The MARTE this morning.

This is a brand new artisan fair in the East Village of Manhattan at PS 63. Although the crowds were a little thin today - I bet they pick up once word spreads about these shows. It was a great group of artists and the show producers were the best!
We'll be back at The MARTE on Saturday, July 10th.

We handed out dog biscuits as a promotion at our last fair. They were such a hit people asked to buy them. This time around we offered a "Snack Bag" for $2. Just a little sample to take home. They were a big hit!

For the Lincoln Center show we're going to have $7 Treat Bags as well as the smaller Snack Bags. Mom loves to bake. I get to taste test. AND it brings folks to our booth and helps with the branding of Central Bark Designs. WIN WIN all the way around.

Speaking of winning.....GO LAKERS!
(Seems Mom's a Laker Girl from way back. She has a ticket stub from her first game with her Dad....the ticket price was $4.25! Man she must be really old!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Come to the MARTE

Tomorrow - SATURDAY, June 5, CENTRAL BARK DESIGNS will be participating in the MATRE. A brand new artisan market in the East Village (Manhattan, NYC).
Although I will be napping at home - Mom will be there with our latest designs. (And if she gets her act together tonight - there might be treats available as well!)
If you are in the NYC area - I hope you get a chance to drop by and say hello. CENTRAL BARK DESIGNS has a spot indoors - so even if we get a thunderstorm....let the shopping continue!
Proceeds from this market benefit PS 63. For those of you non-New Yorkers...that means Public School #63.
(And we all know our schools can use all the financial help they can get these days!)