Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well There

At The Farm - ON THE COUCH

As you can see by the stern look on my face - I AM NOT HAPPY.
It's been months since I was allowed computer access so I could blog.
And my people took a walk in the country without me - so I protested by sitting on their precious couch. SO THERE.


I'm now a year old (and some change). Gee - you would think there would have been a party with lots of pictures! NOT.

I am enjoying my playtime at our NYC dog run - and loving my weekends at the farm. (I think we should call it Five Fields Farms - since there are indeed 5 different fields/meadows for me to play in).

I am sad that Aunt D is moving to a new neighborhood and won't be right around the corner from us (although she promises to meet us in Central Park).

I am embarrassed that my blog has been slacking and PROMISE to be better at posting.

I've been spending time in Daycare every Thursday - and LOVE IT!

I'm very lucky that when Mom is out of town on business Irish takes me up to the Farm for some quality one on one time! Man and his dog - does it get any better?

I am officially a BIG GIRL - meaning I am crate free day and night.
Of course I have found the best place to sleep is curled up with Mom!

Now that took all of 5:00 to pull together. I will make sure I get more computer time - and to reward myself I think Mom should take me to dinner at Parnell's tonight with Aunt D so we can BOTH wish her a fond neighborhood farewell - and celebrate her new adventure on the west side !

- Ellie