Monday, April 25, 2011

Princess Muddy Paws

Yes- this is how I spent my weekend.

In between raindrops - I dug for more mud!

I'm a puppy - it's my job!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Life NOT In Pictures

That's right. I'm about to catch you up on my FABULOUS week - but I will have to do so without any recent photos of MOI. Why you ask? My personal photographer is slacking in her duties.

So thanks to the World Wide Web - here's what I've been up to.

I got to spend my first 2 days at sleep-away camp. Unlike the dogs above - I had no ocean to frolic in - but I still had a great time. Everyone took great care of me and I can't wait to go back. After all, I am still cute and adorable - as evidenced by this photo of me when I was 4 weeks old!

SATURDAY - Central Park! I met up with my man, Due and we headed over to the park. We had a good romp - although I try to stay clear of these fellas. SUNDAY IS PANCAKE DAY. We have a tradition of Blueberry Pancakes on Sunday mornings. We needed more of the magic batter stuff -so we went to the grocery store - and I proudly carried this container all the way back to the apartment - IN MY MOUTH. Now that would have been one cute photo - ha! After breakfast dishes were done - it was back here for day #2 Then we headed west for a little sidewalk dining. Not in Paris - but kind of like this.
The mean restaurant people made me sit OUTSIDE the railing - although I kept trying to sneak in to curl up under the table. I guess I can only do that on the East Side!

That's OK. After lunch we headed over to this HUGE dog park right next to the Natural History Museum. All in all - a pretty great week. Too bad there are no photos of ME enjoying it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


YES - Life is SWEET!

I am exhausted from having SO MUCH FUN at The Farm this weekend - that my little bed was not enough for me.

I let my nyla-bone have the dogbed - I needed a little more room to stretch out in - so I just took over Mom's favorite comfy chair !

I don't think she minded - after all - she left this little step stool in front of it to help me come and go!

Note to Ellie - that's a Foot Rest - not a Step Stool! Now get out of my chair! -Mom

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Great Escape

What is so difficult for the 2-legged ones to understand?

I have a bed at The Farm. That's where I will hang out when you two decide to go village hopping, grabbing a bite, antique shopping, WHATEVER.

There is no need to resort to THIS. A travel crate. (Shown here in it's upright - "before" position)

Here is what it looked like when they returned after 3 HOURS of being left to my own devices.
Flipped on it's side - which by the way is NOT difficult to do if you have MY talents.

Unzipped. Yes - my people assist the blind - we can certainly figure out how to UNZIP something.

I was waiting - napping - right inside the front door. NOTHING WAS DESTROYED. I just didn't see the need to be confined. WHY is that so difficult for you people to understand?