Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Summit

At the White House this evening - The Professor, The Police Officer and The President came together for what has been labeled by some news organizations as - The Beer Summit

So in honor of this gathering - Due and I had our own Beer Summit. Of course Mom and Deborah were the only ones who were allowed to have beer - Due and I settled for ice cubes.

The perfect way to end a hot summer day in New York City - Cheers!
Until our next adventure....

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry Mom!

Just a quick post this morning. Mom's going on assignment for a few days - and I'm heading over to Due's! We've got a few things to get done this morning before we leave .

We head out for our morning stroll - and ran into Due right outside. Mom wanted (or needed) her morning iced coffee for we head to the corner bodega - I wait with Due outside, Mom joins us, (here comes the bad part) I was so excited to tell Due that I was going over to his place for a couple of days - I was jumping all over the place and knocked the iced coffee right out of Mom's hand.

Oops. Cup shattered. Mess all over the sidewalk. I don't think she even got a sip. I tried to help pick up the coffee flavored ice cubes - I have a thing for ice cubes - apparently if Mom doesn't get her coffee - I don't get the ice cubes.

Let's just say she's a little cranky. Too bad we didn't have our camera - it could have been a Kodak moment!

Until our next adventure...or misadventure! In the meantime - checkout our new website

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Soundtrack of My Life

You know how when you go to the movies, say, “When Harry Met Sally”, and there are beautiful shots of Central Park with a soulful saxophone playing softly in the background. (OK – so my Marine buddies might not – but trust me – it’s a girl-thing) Its not just in the movies. In Central Park – its part of life. My life.

The first time it happened I felt like very “Holly Golightly”….entering The Park off Central Park South I approach the Pond and then I hear it. Softly as first. I was momentarily distracted by the ducks and the thought of a good swim….but the music becomes stronger….and then as we go around the bend, there he is. My very own saxophone player.

“Moon River” lingers as we continue down the path, cross 65th Street and head for The Mall.

The Mall is Mom’s favorite spot in The Park. Not one of her favorites. Her absolute favorite. You’d think she was walking under the canopy of American Elms with George Clooney at her side – but no – it’s just me. I’m not crazy about the pea gravel promenade – but you can’t argue with the serenity of the place. Four rows of Olmsted & Vaux’s favorite American Elms. The wide avenue is lined with benches facing one another. At times I meet a new friend along the way. I keep checking for Clooney but no such luck (I’m trying Mom).

Before you know it the sounds of the saxophone fade and are replaced with something else. Something wonderful. Something they call the Blues.

We make our way past the Naumberg Bandshell, and there by the old world carved benches not one – but four musicians. Playing the Blues.

If you’re not a fan of the blues I can only assume you’ve never truly listened to the Blues. Deep, passionate, soulful. The Blues. We took a seat along the benches and just enjoyed the moment.

You may have noticed I did a quick puddle-dive on my way past the bandshell. Sometimes I just can't help myself. We could stay in this one spot for hours, but it’s time to move on.

The Blues drift away, and up ahead I see him. (No, not Clooney) We walk down the steps to the Bethesda Terrace. There through the archway with the Bethesda Fountain in the background, my 2nd very own saxophone player. And he’s playing classic Billy Joel. This is a perfect New York day.

It’s time to start heading home. As difficult as it is to leave The Park – I know I’ll be back…for another adventure.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

There's a Leopard in My House!!!

Mom's been working on decorating our New York apartment for the last 3 years ago. It's much smaller than our house in Arlington, VA - so one has to be creative.

She loves the NY flea markets. Last June she went on a shopping trip with designer
EDDIE ROSS to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. The lamp, painted tray, and even the black metal box she uses on the desk all came from a steal!!!.....but came the LEOPARD!

I like it. The ottoman came with us from the Arlington House. It just needed to be updated. The fabric came from Calico Corners. Mom made a side trip to her favorite CC in Arlington the last time she was in DC. Tara was very helpful, but when she suggested the leopard - Mom wasn't sure. Due's Mom referred us to a NY upholsterer who did a great job. It works! It fun, its fresh, without being over the top. And best of all - I think it might hide some of the dog hair I happen to leave around!

I know - enough with the decorating...tomorrow CENTRAL PARK...and it might rain tonight so I'm sure it will be lots of fun. Until then....

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Capt. Chris

Mom heard from her dear friend Molly this morning. Molly's husband, Capt. Chris is currently stationed overseas. She sent him our blog - and apparently silly golden retrievers can even make Marines smile!

Aren't they a beautiful couple! This wedding picture makes us smile!

So for Capt. Chris and his's what's going on in NYC. Another beautiful summer night. Our favorite plaza is across from the United Nations HQ, and tonight there was a demonstration for democracy in Iran. A peaceful demonstration...a striking contrast from the protest footage we've seen from Iran.

We headed to the far end of the seating area to relax with our friends Deborah, and Due. The perfect way to unwind after a busy day. (Or so that what Mom says).

After about an hour it was time to go. Well, Mom said it was time to go. I strongly disagreed and decided to mount a peaceful protest of my own.

Mom won. No surprise there. But I think she felt a little guilty. We stopped in the pet store on the way home and picked up a box of biscuits. YES!!!

Until the next adventure....

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Answer for the Monday Morning Blues...

The weekend’s over and its time for Mom to head back to work…but all is not lost. I found the perfect answer to the Monday Morning Blues….Monday Night Burgers.

Mom and I headed back to one of our favorite spots, the Daj Hammarskjold Plaza on 47th Street. The same place where we go to the Greenmarket on Wednesday mornings, is home to the perfect outdoor café in the evenings. We met up with Aunt Dana to soak up the beautiful (dry) weather with the perfect breeze coming off the river.

The only problem – Mom insists that wine and burgers are only for people. So I try the old – turn my back on you and pout until I get what I want routine...

That didn’t work. So I table hop hoping to find someone else who will see things my way. No bacon, no burger bites, but lots of petting and attention from complete strangers. Works for me.

Mom and Aunt Dana enjoy their dinner. I got to enjoy being outside, meeting new friends. All in all, the perfect New York Summer night.

Until the next adventure….

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Splish Splash

RULES. Even Central Park has rules, and Mom insists we abide by them. One of the rules – no dogs in any body of water. Mom has informed me this applies to all fountains, ponds and lakes.

She said nothing about those temporary bodies of water that follow every rain. I’m talking about PUDDLES. Nature’s gift to water loving – rule abiding – pups like me.

Last night we had one of those true summer thunderstorms – and this morning – puddles everywhere.

Now mind you Mom still tries to steer me clear of them – but I made a quick dive – and once I’m wet – I win. And if you’re going to get wet – get really wet. Soaked to the bone – dripping in goodness WET.

And then….SHAKE.

Enjoy your weekend – I know mine got off to a great start!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Market

One of the many treasures New York City offers are the 40+ neighborhood greenmarkets. The Granddaddy of them all is the Union Square Market at 14th Street open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. The only problem is – Mom works Monday – Friday, and Saturday is Central Park Day. (Central Park wins out over fresh produce – at least in my book).

The answer is our very own greenmarket at the Daj Hammarskjold Plaza (47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues). Our market operates every Wednesday from 8am – 6pm. Mom and I meet Due and Deborah at the corner, skip the dog run to head to the market. Just look at these apples - this is NEW YORK after all!

Due and I wait out of the way of shoppers. Mom and Deborah dig right in.

Cherries - that look like cherries! I'm thinking PIE...or maybe a TART....

Mom thinks tomatoes - ripe, juicy, blood red tomatoes - is just what summer tastes like! I bet she gets some fresh mozzarella and a loaf of french bread...maybe a bunch of basil to go with these!

Checkout the greenmarkets in your neighborhood. If you're lucky yours will be open year-round just like the ones we have here in New York. Bone Appetit!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Friend

Just a quick post tonight. Mom's been busy with work this week. Something to do with a new Supreme Court she's been heading into work early....but tonight we got to meet up with my friends, Due (the boyfriend), his folks (Tom &Deborah) and my Aunt Dana.

We went to one of my favorite haunts, the 47th Street Plaza. They have a new grill - we'll have to check that out another time. Tonight I met the sweetest little girl, Matilda. I wanted to hug her as much as she hugged me! (Yep - that's Due in the background- I think he's a little jealous!)

Tomorrow morning - FARMER'S MARKET!!! Mom can't wait to get more tomatoes and basil. She's says they are the taste of summer. I'll stick with BACON, but whatever floats your boat!

Thanks to Aunt Dana for taking this picture on her blackberry. I kept telling Mom she needs to bring her camera everywhere. You never know when we'll have a "Kodak Moment".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Viva La France

Another beautiful day in New York.

Due stayed with us last night so it was off the to Park first thing this morning.

It rained last night which meant that the grass was nice and wet this morning. Now I admit, I’m usually the one who comes out looking like a drowned rat – not this time.

Mom may have some explaining to do. Of course it was two against one this morning so we pretty much had the upper hand.

We spent most of the morning in the Park – even met up with a photographer from Texas who took some great shots of us (more on that in a later post). When we finally left the Park we were in for a great surprise…BASTILLE DAY IN NEW YORK on E. 60th Street from 5th Avenue all the way to Lexington.

It seems like you can find a different festival every week in New York, especially in the summer. They were still setting up as we made our way through so unfortunately we did not get to stop for bread or crepes.

Mom might have to go back this afternoon without us.

Another perfect summer Sunday. After 4 hours of fun – its time to get home and nap. We might work up enough energy for a movie later – then again, we might just nap.

Until the next adventure…..

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrate & Mingle!

Mom and Deborah (Due's Mom) headed to the 47th Street Plaza to celebrate al fresco style! Mom and I opened a store on to sell our hand painted pet place mats. We set up the store on July 3 - and sold our first mat on July 7 - so Deborah (and Due) took us out to celebrate.

The great thing about 47th Street - Mom & Deb get to have a bit of bubbly - and Due and I get to join them (not for the bubbly of course). We get to sit outside and relax - and visit with others. I made a friend right away. Her dog was at home - so I filled in the best I could.
She was so nice I decided to hang out at her table for awhile. Mom doesn't seem to mind as long as I stay close by. There was another table of 4 men I flirted with as well, but Mom was too shy to take a picture.

Of course the best part is being with my boyfriend, Due. My ears have been a little sore (too much swimming I think) - but Due likes to kiss them and make it all better.

We had a nice relaxing evening. Unfortunately the grill area caught fire early in the morning (4am) so for now - there are no burgers available at our favorite spot. Hopefully they will be able to replace it soon. In the meantime - we'll just relax. We're pretty good at that!

Due's staying with us this weekend!! SLEEPOVER AT ABBEY'S!! We have to behave in the apartment, apparently it's not a Dog Park - and we must respect the nice people who live below us. That's going to be a challenge since Mom sent the ottoman out for recovering - there's a wide open space in the living room that is just perfect for playing! Something tells me there will be photos - and since it's the weekend...CENTRAL PARK HERE WE COME!!!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet My Friends...

Just a quick post tonight as it seems like Mom is having "one of those days". We went to the Farmers Market this morning, she took lots of pics for the blog - only to discover that the media card wasn't in the camera...and apparently it's gone downhill since then. She just walked into the kitchen and realised she forgot to make my food. (I eat Dr. Harvey's - more on that in another post - it appears to be rather simple - but now it's 9pm and Mom's just starting) I said, "one of those days".

So until we go back to the Farmers Market next Wednesday, let me introduce you to some of my friends from the PDP-ARF Dog Run. This is the early crowd.

First are sisters MONTANA and MORGAN. They love to play with each other and are usually the first ones in the run at 7am!

MONTANA likes to play keep away with her bright yellow ball.
FAYE is the other early morning Golden Girl. She came all the way from Austria. She just got her summer cut....
...and ever since she got her new du....she's been very sassy! (Or just plain silly!)
More on my Dog Run Buddies later...I think Mom's burning my dinner...did I mention it's been one of those days!

Due slept in so he missed our morning playtime. We'll catch up for an early evening stroll.


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Neighborhood Hangout - For Dogs

I’ll let you in on a secret, there are some who think of New York as this immense city of over 8,000,000 (that’s 8 million !!! ) people. Those of us who call it home, know that it is really just a collection of intimate neighborhoods. Each like it’s own small town with a flavor, feel, even a favorite pizza place or two of its own. For over 50 of these neighborhoods, they also have their own DOG PARK. This is mine...

Peter Detmold Park – Animals Run Free is the perfect little park tucked between Beekman Place and the FDR on the East Side of Manhattan. There’s a promenade off the 49th Street entrance. Mom likes the gardens as they change throughout the year. The daffodils, then the tulips, followed by the roses. As you approach the north end of the park – there you see it ....
A doubled-gated DOG RUN just for me and my friends. Lots of shade and benches for our people to sit and visit while we run around and play. Due and I try to meet up most mornings to get in a quick romp before breakfast. Sometimes he sleeps in, or has other plans so I just hang out by the benches – there’s always someone willing to pet me!

I’d stay here all day but it’s time for me to have breakfast – and to send Mom off to the office.

Check back tomorrow - I want to introduce you to my buddies from the dog run...

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mom, Me & Cleopatra

Mom and I went to Central Park again today. (That makes 2 days in a row in case you're counting.)

We got a late start (it is a holiday) so by the time we made it to The Park, the off-leash hours had past. After what seems like 40 days of rain - it was just nice to be outside and enjoying the day with Mom.

We had brunch at our favorite spot (and yes, I did get a nibble of bacon - but only after Mom had finished - she has rules). After bacon and biscuits we headed north and continued through The Park until we came across a beautiful obelisk.
The sign said Cleopatra's Needle which sounded quite exotic to me. It turns out there are 3 obelisks known as Cleoplatra's Needle, One in London, one in Paris and its twin, right here in The Park.
I thought I'd check out the plaque so I could better understand what we were looking at.
There's always something new to discover. Always something to learn.
For more information on this beautiful structure check out this link below

I was exhausted and had to nap the rest of the day. Mom headed out to see The Proposal (she says I sound like Sandra Bullock when she types). When she came home, she told me she ran into Due and his parents and made another date for Central Park tomorrow. THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Now that's a record.

Hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy holiday.

Until my next adventure....

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