Saturday, August 28, 2010

A NEW Kind of ConeHead!


Don't let the look on my face fool you. I can work this pout face for another 13 days...and I plan to do just that. However, I have a NEW CONE! A new FABULOUS cone. I couldn't be happier - just don't let Mom know.

That's right - it's a "Comfy Cone" thanks to a very special pal of mine. It came in the mail yesterday -addressed to ME - all the way from the Amazon. JackDaddy had suggested Mom look at the new cone options. She wasn't sure - thinking I might not like the darkness of this padded model. Then cousin Mags suggested the same thing. I LOVE IT.

Ah - look - it's a little me right there on the tag!

If any of you guys are in need of a conehead - you might want to give this one a try.

13 days until the stitches come out...6 days until we go to someplace called "Connecticut".

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


As free as the wind free as the grass grows...CONE FREE

Forgive me Jimmy Webb (and congrats to those of you who get that very OLD reference).

No - I'm not really FREE - it was just a momentary break from the imprisonment of the dreaded CONE.

When we WALKED home (14 blocks!) from the vets on Monday after my checkup - we did so in a downpour. We're city girls. We walk rain or shine. Although Mom dried me off (love a good rubdown) when we got home - she didn't take the cone off. Hours later as I was pouting (monster pout at that) - Mom discovered my neck was still soaked. (OK - sometimes - Mom is a little blonder than others).

To make amends - she took the CONE off - and gave me another good rubdown around the neck. But she insisted on sitting with me on the floor and tried to distract me with a belly rub. I had no problem with that. Unfortunately - I started to itch - and before I knew it the CONE was back on.

The good news is - Mom has figured out that we can have an hour "CONE-Free Belly Rub, Combing" session every night after dinner.

Life is all about the compromises. I let Mom take the CONE off - give me extra treats, rubs etc. In return she gets to feel (a little) less guilty.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I refuse to let this cone thing get in the way of my relaxing! Although it takes up half the bed - I can still make it fit!

I had my first post-surgery followup visit this morning. There's good news and bad news.
The good being that I am healing well. The bad - stitches (and cone) must stay in place for 3- AND A HALF WEEKS. I thought it was 3. Mom was hoping for 2 - but the truth is 3-1/2 it is.

The best news - the vet gave me permission to go swimming over Labor Day weekend! Mom just has to dry my ears well (and flush them out of course) - and put the cone back on - but I still get to go swimming. I'm hearing rumors of Cape Cod - or a country Lake House. Either way - paddle up boys - I'm going swimming!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Together Now....AAAAWWWWWWW

You know you've found true love when he's there for you even on your worst days....
Mom raced in the apartment after work and said we had to do a quick change and head out - "someone was waiting". The way she was rushing around you'd think George Clooney was outside - but we all know he's in Italy with the skinny model of the moment, I mean girlfriend.

Who could it be? Mom said I can't see Due for a few more days.....and I'm not really looking my best. I'm surprised this conehead accessory can even fit in the elevator.

Mom said when she was walking up the street towards the apartment he was there. Laying on the sidewalk across the street, opposite our front door. Just waiting. Willing for me to appear. It sounds like only one man to me....

That's right - The Du Man.

Of course this STUPID cone is bigger than he is. I was so embarrassed. But that didn't matter to him. He was very gentle - and although he usually can't wait to lick my ears and bite my face - he knew. He just knew. He didn't judge. He didn't run away in horror.
He was my knight in shining armor.

He checked out the scene and cleared the way to make sure it was safe for me to go. And then like the true gentleman he is - and knowing that I can't see side to side....he lead me on our walk.

That's right. The guy who's always pawing me, biting me, licking me, charging full force into me for a body slam....just lead me on a little walk around the 'hood. Now this is love.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Does This Cone Make My Snout Look BIG?

I hate the cone!
I can't see. I can't play. And I think Mom used an old one. The least she could have done was get me this season's latest style. What was she thinking? Don't even think of trying to get away with calling this thing "vintage".

Apparently I have to wear this for THREE WEEKS. For those of you who are still a little fuzzy on what 3 weeks in people time equals in STP (Standard Puppy Time) that's 21 weeks. That's like 5 MONTHS.
Are you kidding me?????

Mom had to put my water bowl on the floor as I can't get this darn cone around my lovely raised feeder. Jeez!

I asked Mom to stay away from photographing my bad side. My ear has been shaved, and I have 30 stitches. Trust me - it's not pretty. I start the meds tomorrow.

I want to thank the nice people at Bideawee here in Manhattan. They are the lovely folks who fixed me up. I even got to spend the day hanging out with a yellow lab who was in the jail cell next to me. We did our best to help each other get free of the silly tubes they were sticking us with. If we only had a little more time I'm sure we could broken out and been FREEEEE!

I think I'll take a few extra long naps in the coming days. I heard them give Mom instructions, and I don't know how Due's going to feel about the "no play time for 3 weeks". Maybe we can go for a walk. He just has to keep his paws to himself. That might be difficult for Romeo.

Thanks for all of your well wishes. Mom will keep you updated on my recovery. Just remember - If you have floppy ears - and don't want them shaved and stitched - CLEAN YOUR EARS! (Meaning of course - let your peeps clean them for you and just relax - they are trying to help - don't fight it - just enjoy the pampering!)


Just an update for all of our blogfriends.
Abbey had her surgery this morning. I just got the call from the vet's office letting me know that the surgery went well - and that Abbs is still napping. I will pick her up later this afternoon.
More later....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Doctor is OUT!

Just as we were about to head to the vet's....I got a phone call.
The Doctor called out sick! So I get a reprieve for one week.
Surgery has been rescheduled for next Tuesday.

Monday, August 9, 2010


If I only had thumbs I could open this door and get out of here.
No such luck.

Ears back - universal sign of not a happy canine camper!
We went to the vets today - and it appears I get to go back tomorrow...

Turns out my bum (bloated) ear flap is indeed a "hematoma" - HOWEVER - it's not ALL my fault.

I have chronic ear infections. It happens to those of us blessed with floppy ears.
Apparently though - if the one in the household WITH THUMBS....(you KNOW who I'm talking about)...If she had cleaned my ears better and more often... I would not have been scratching so much...which would not have weakened the blood vessels....which would not have then burst when I shook my head after the fountain dive.

I'm sure I can work this for all it's worth.

Tomorrow I go in for the operation. I heard mention of 30 stitches and a conehead.
Mom drops me off in the morning - and will pick me up in the afternoon.

I've made her promise that she will do a post tomorrow night to let everyone know I'm just fine. (I do expect lots of hugs and rubs and maybe some guilt induced treat baking).

So the lesson learned here....CLEAN YOUR EARS....and it you can't reach - have the 2-legged ones do it for you! Pretend it's pampering!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Talkin'

Here's a fountain...

Here's a wet dog....
You figure it out.

Those who know aren't talkin.
Those who are talkin' don't know.

The joke appears to be on Abbey - while at breakfast after her "misadventure" I noticed that her left ear flap felt like a water balloon - squishy. I called the vet - who said it sounded like a hematoma - caused by violently shaking ones head - and bursting blood vessels in the ear. Yep - now we have an appointment for Monday - where Abbs will probably need to have her ear surgically drained...ALL BECAUSE SHE JUMPED INTO "SOMETHING" "SOMEWHERE" and got soaked...then shook her head so hard in an effort to dry off - that she hurt herself!

Wait a minute - since Abbs doesn't have a checking account and no funds of her own to pay for above mentioned vet visit - I guess the joke's on me. Good thing she's so cute!

Her hi jinx were videotaped by a tourist in the park this morning. We're keeping out fingers crossed that she does not show up on You Tube.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Payback is a .....

Gee - can you guess where Mom was?
She's been traveling about once a month lately and it seems to be connected to this plane.
No - she didn't ride on it (although she did once and was happy to check that off her bucket list).
Mom was in Atlanta covering the President's address to the DAV Convention.

And while she's away I get to sleepover at my beau's house...not a bad deal.
PLUS - she feels guilty (what is it with the 2-legged ones and the guilt trips). The answer to this uncomfortable me a toy!

I now have my very own AIR FORCE ONE....and instead of a makes a jet engine noise. COOL.

What do your peeps do for you when they are feeling guilty? Let me know as I can pass them on to Mom and my goody bag might get bigger! (I don't think that's wrong...seriously)

By the way - Mom picked up this little gem at gift shop at the The Carter Center in Atlanta. The sales clerk said it was for a child - not a dog toy. Mom knew better. (And she checked it for small bits I might chew I would ever do such a thing. )