Sunday, December 27, 2009


Someone kidnapped my Mom!!!!
Apparently THIS is the guilty party. Her name is Magnolia Marie - known as "Maggie". Here's what happened...

Just a few days before Christmas...Mom disappeared.

I knew she wouldn't leave me on her own accord - so the only thing I could think of was she must have been kidnapped. She was finally returned (unharmed - and maybe a few pounds heavier...) in the early morning hours of December 27th. I grabbed her camera and look what I found. Every picture is of this OTHER DOG.

After some investigating on my part - Mom fessed up that she went to see HER parents (Tutu & Huni) for Christmas - in southern Utah - which is why I was left behind. You must take a plane to get there - and until Mom gets me my own private jet so I can travel in the main cabin - I only travel by car! (I think the private plane in on the same fantasy wish list as that townhouse off Central Park and George Clooney)

One has to ask WHY would anyone in their right mind leave NEW YORK CITY for Christmas,
then I found this picture of the view from Tutu & Huni's living room.
I guess it's nice if you like that "nature" sort of thing - but where are all the big buildings? All that light must be blinding. I understand Mom had trouble sleeping her first night there - it was too quiet and she missed her lullaby of screeching tires, honking horns and the occasional siren! - Ah....New York.

So back to the Momnapper - MAGGIE. Seems she even has a job! Every Wednesday she goes with Tutu for a Pet Therapy session at the local assisted living facility, Ridgeview Gardens in St. George.

She loves to snuggle with the residents.
And they snuggle right back.
She gets belly rubs...
And even tried to go for a ride!

Back at Tutu & Huni's she supervised the preparation of Christmas dinner. Now I don't know what fennel is - but apparently it was "fabulous" in the sausage/fennel stuffing that was part of the big meal!

This MAGGIE dog was everywhere - in every picture. I hear she even SLEPT with Mom. That is just unacceptable.
Sounds like Mom had a lot of fun visiting - but I'm not happy about this OTHER dog!

Now just because Mom left the big city for the holiday - doesn't mean I had to suffer. In fact I got to stay at Due's! We got to go on long walks, and take even longer naps. We even got to check out the snow in Central Park on Christmas morning.

What's better than a snowman? A snowman with his DOG!
There was still lots of snow to play in!
And we stopped to check out the windows at Ralph Lauren (Madison Avenue) on the way home!
Thanks to Due (and Tom & Deborah) for taking great care of me while Mom was gone. And Maggie - I guess I should thank you for taking care of my mom - just remember - she's MINE!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and your travels were safe.

Until our next adventure....

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Heaven...absolute heaven!

Here's the deal. We did NOT go to Central Park this morning. Although I really wanted to show my blogfriends the beauty of my Park in the snow, wiser (2-legged) minds prevailed. And it was the right decision. It's a 30 minute walk to the Park. Some sidewalks are covered with salt - which can be painful - and once we get there - and play - and's another 30 minute walk home. Although that's great exercise on most days - the thought was it might be too much for a day like today. (I keep asking Mom to buy us a townhouse right off the Park....a girl can dream!)

Besides - we have our own Park in our neighborhood - and it had plenty of snow - and lots of room to romp! (Bonus - we got there in less than 5:00!)

And we played!
and played....
Due makes a very handsome "Snow Bunny". He actually had to hop like a bunny to get through the snow!
Unfortunately - the snow bunny soon was covered with snow balls. It didn't look very comfortable so we had to get him inside to warm-up (and defrost).
We had a great time playing in the snow. Now its time to rest as I supervise Mom baking Christmas cookies today. (And I'm talking Christmas cookies FOR ME & DUE!!!!).

I hope you all enjoy your adventures today!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

THE Tree

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a New York Tradition. Mom thought it would be fun to take my picture in front of the tree as my "blog Christmas Card". I had other ideas.

Everytime Mom got me in position....I'd walk towards her!
Lots of people stopped to pet me - and one nice lady even tried to help me pose....
I think Mom gave up - so here's a nice shot of the tree itself!
We walked around to see the skaters...and as we were sitting on a bench - this nice girl from Boston asked if she could pet me - SURE....turns our her name is Abbey too!

I hear the snow storm is currently in some place called "New Jersey". Hopefully it will be here soon. I've been told we held off on Central Park until tomorrow - hoping (and praying) for a LOT of snow to romp in! We'll see. Check in tomorrow to see what happens!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

NYC Holiday Windows, Part 3

Today's Holiday Window Tour brings us to Bergdorf Goodman Men's Store
Which is right across the street from Bergdorf Goodman and the Plaza Hotel. (58th & 5th Avenue.) In other words...right by the entrance to the Park, so I really didn't understand why we had to delay our playtime to take more photos.....

The Men's Store windows, although not geared towards the holiday were very cool - especially if you've seen the new movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The stop-action animated movie directed by Wes Anderson, starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep. The actual sets, and characters are used as the window displays.
The Cider Cellar

The Badger

The motorcycle ride on Wolf Road

The grocery store....

and the Feast!

Due and I waited patiently - because we knew after the window gawking, and the stop for coffee...we would get in a good romp on a brisk fall day. The only thing missing is SNOW!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Every girl - even the golden girls love Christmas at Tiffany's! (Move over Audrey) Just check out the "dog" items they have!
A beautiful charm bracelet...
A diamond scottie necklace....
And a "golden" scottie charm...or is it a westie? If you're going to offer something "golden" shouldn't it be a RETRIEVER????

Maybe next year!

And in case you're wondering...we're still waiting for our first snow here in the city.
Looks like a number of my blog buds are already rolling in the white fluffy joy
I call "magic snow". Still hoping for a White Christmas!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chestnuts anyone???

Still waiting for our first snow....but thought I'd share with you my first fire (of the season).
Although we're not roasting chestnuts at home (yet) ...they are roasting them on the streets of New York City. Not only does it look like Christmas and feel like Christmas.... with the tree vendors and chestnut roasters on the street corners of smells like Christmas!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NYC Holiday Windows - Part 2

Our after-park tour to New York City's Holiday Windows continued today with a stop at Bloomingdale's
at Lexington and 59th Street.
It looks like they have themed their windows after Due & me - after all we are often referred to as "the dynamic duo"...

Then again - that works for Batman & Robin, Anthony & Cleopatra,
The President & Mrs. Obama, Mr. & Mrs. well as
Abbey & Due.
We needed Due's Mom to assist in the posing here - after 3 hours of romping in
Central Park we need all the help we can get!
In addition to the "Dynamic Duo" windows, the holiday display continued with this great "Secret Santa" window. Approaching from one side - you see the gentleman's reflection in the mirror....but as you pass you see none other than.....
SANTA CLAUS....and we also liked the fact that it included puppies!
Mom really liked this one....I think it had something to do with a tree made of high heels....can you say "Manolo"?
I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Window tour....we have 20 days until Christmas and we still have Macy's....Lord & Taylor....Saks....Barney's.....we better get going! I'm hoping Mom takes me to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. I hear it's beautiful and really want to share it with my blogworld friends.

Untill our next adventure...