Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Beloved....PARK

We made our first journey to Central Park in over a month. There's so much to do we might have to go back tomorrow!

First - there's a little culture at the entrance to the Park off 5th Avenue and 60th Street.

Then it's time for some rollin'

And rompin'

A little tete a tete with the Boss...

Some stick chewin'...

And rock climbin'

Put that together and you have ONE HAPPY DOG!

Now it's time to nap. Being happy is exhausting!
I hope you all enjoyed your adventures this weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wild Night

Wow! Now THAT was a storm!

Last night's thunderstorm was a whopper. Fortunately for us - the bulk of the damage was in Brooklyn and Queens. We were fine here in Manhattan.

Truth be known - the lightning made Mom jump - I on the other hand - just chilled - until it was over. We went for a quick spin in the neighborhood. All trees standing. All power on!

Thanks to everyone for checking on us. We're fine....and TOMORROW we're heading back to Central Park! We haven't been to my Park since the incident with the fountain (and the surgery on my ear that followed).

I promise to post a full report tomorrow. Well - Mom will post and I will be in my post-park coma!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Remember

Ira Block (c) National Geographic 2002

Today we remember all of those lost on September 11, 2001.
We're new New Yorkers. We moved here post 9-11. I never saw the Towers -
although Mom tells me they were magnificent.

As we walked to the vets this morning - past the UN - we were surprised to see over 30 NYPD squad cars. The command bus was there. Officers were gathered getting their assignments for the day. Everyone was on high alert. It was another reminder that things will never be as they were prior to the attacks on America.

Today we honor those who lost their lives on that brisk, beautiful September morning.
For some - they had merely gone to the office that day - for others - they rushed into harms way to do their job - savings others.

We came across this post today at Wild About Pets. It tells the story of many of the search and rescue dogs who helped out at Ground Zero and the Pentagon.

So on this, another beautiful brisk September morning in NYC - Remember the families of those lost, the first responders who still suffer the aftereffects, and those who decided that day to serve their country in response.

Always Remember.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend in Connecticut - Day 3

Yes - I think I'm a weekend in the country kind of gal after all.
Just trying to soak up a little more (conefree) sunshine before heading back to the city.

Thanks to Due & Co. for a lovely weekend!

Home please. I'll stretch out in the backseat here - maybe take a nap.
Wake me up when we're home!

The perfect weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend in Connecticut - Day 2

Saturday morning started with an outing to Litchfield, CT.
A beautiful colonial town with it's own white stemple church on the village green.

Then there was shopping....
and we waited.

More shopping...

And even more shopping....

Even though I promised to keep my tail in check - Mom was afraid I'd swing through
the antique shops and knock every thing over. So Due and I waited...AGAIN.

What can I say - I think I was meant for the country life!

We hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend as well.

A special thanks to Tom (Due's Dad) for keeping us
company while the Moms shopped! (And shopped)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend in Connecticut- Part 1

We're packed and ready and hitting the Connecticut!

Due and his peeps have spent an entire week relaxing at a lake house in Bethlehem, CT.
Mom and I headed up to join them for the weekend.

The most important word being LAKE of course.

(NOTE: Abbs was allowed to de-cone for the drive once she settled into the car)

Check out this lake. I was so excited I ran ahead and forgot to let Mom take off the cone.
I just had to check things out. A dock - a canoe - a LAKE.

Oops. Guess I should have waited for the de-coning before jumping in!

Due is NOT a fan of the water - so he had to check me over once I was back safely on the dock.

Then it's back to the deck for the rubdown.
Mom gave me a serious toweling off. Due wanted no part of this. Per vet's instructions Mom dried me off and then some! I could lay here all afternoon for a rubdown. The ears were flushed and cleaned. I was then allowed to dry off in the sunshine - au natural.
Yes - this is the portrait of one Happy Dog!

We had a great time with Due and the Peeps. We got home a few hours ago and promise to post more pictures of our adventures tomorrow.

Time to nap. Weekends in Connecticut are exhausting!