Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm GROWING!!!!!!!

Have no fear.
Today's visit to the vet was just routine puppy business.

I needed a couple more shots and some new heartworm meds....

and apparently a weigh-in!
I checked in at a healthy 35lbs. this afternoon.

That's 10 pounds more than I weighed on my first visit just a few weeks ago!

Ahhhh - I was such a cute little thing back then!
(And by back then - I mean LAST MONTH!)

OK - so this scale was for cats - how was I to know?
I can't even fit on it now!
Who knows - next visit I might not even fit on the table!

Note from Ellie's Mom - When I asked the vet how much she thought Ellie would weigh as a healthy adult dog - she guessed over 70lbs. When I asked why - her Mom was only 60 lbs - Dr. Parr pointed out Ellie's ENORMOUS paws!
Let's just say we think she will take after her father -
who is around 80 lbs.
Oh My!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catch Me If You Can!

Yes - it was that kind of day.
Ears flappin'. Feet flyin'.
Joy to be a D O G and run free kind of day.
Due and I made the most of it in Central Park.
Even with most of the snow gone.

I found a special patch behind this little fence.
Mom said I'm not suppose to be in here - but I'M A PUPPY!
(Which means I ignore MOST of what she says)

I keep running. Due keeps chasing!

And then we rest!

The perfect way to spend a Saturday!
We hope you enjoyed your adventures as much as we did!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 Day - 2 Parks!

Apparently Mom had plans for Saturday night - so the plan for Saturday day -
was to wear me out! HA!

First stop - Central Park

Due and I wrestle by the Balto statue.

Then it's off to field #2...

Now this is fun!

There's another golden who's teaching me to "retrieve"...

But I heard Mom needs coffee...

BACON? Did somebody say we get bacon here?

Do you have the bacon?

Cooper and Max show me the proper "bacon begging" approach.

As we headed home - we came across some of the horse-drawn carriages that
operate in Central Park.

I'm not sure about the horses....that's a little frightening....
Have no fear - Due will protect me!

We head home for a nap - then it's on to Park #2 - Our neighborhood dog run!

We run this way.....

And that way.....

You would think with all this activity - I would have been one tired pup - but nope.
Mom went to a dinner party upstairs - only to come home to discover a note left from
an unhappy neighbor.

I didn't like being left alone - so I barked solid from 8pm until she got home at 10pm! Unfortunately no one called the doorman - as Mom always tells him where she can be found (she was on the 10th floor - didn't even leave the building).

I know Mom's upset with my behavior - any suggestions? I overheard her talking about next time lowering the crate cover and turning off all the lights so I think it's bedtime. There's been talk of a collar that will spray me when I bark - UGH!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So THIS is Central Park!

Today was my first trip to CENTRAL PARK.
I had no idea what to expect - Due (the older man in my life who apparently had a thing for big sis, Abbey) said to just follow his lead!

First - Mom took my leash OFF. I got to run free!

Then I played a little Hide ' n Seek with the Dueman.

I don't really understand why he tried to eat my head?

Then came the Kangaroo Hop!

I was too pooped when we got home to make it all the way upstairs.
I just wanted to hang out greeting my neighbors at the door with Joseph.

What a day.
I understand this was an abbreviated journey to the Park. The sidewalks were icy - and Mom fell down on the black ice. (No - I was NOT pulling).
It was just too tough to get around so we opted for a coffee break on Lexington Avenue.

I never thought I would say this - but I'm looking forward to the snow melting so we can spend more time in the Park.

Until our next adventure!

PS. Mom is fine. Her knee is just a little scraped up. Nothing that would slow her down!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Dogs of Central Park

Abbey @ Belvedere Castle, Central Park
Summer 2009
(c) Fran Reisner, The Dogs of Central Park

I am thrilled to be able to share with you some very exciting news. Abbey is one of the pups featured in the upcoming book The Dogs of Central Park.

Photographer Fran Reisner has spent the last few years working on this beautiful book about the amazing dogs who call New York City's Central Park their own! Abbey & Due (along with Due's peeps) met Fran one spring Saturday morning in the Park. Although I was out of town, we met up again when she returned that summer.

Last week I received an email from Fran informing me that the book (published by Rizzoli), was coming out this spring - and that Abbey made the cut. I treasure this photo and all it respresents. It's a lovely reminder of the many beautiful days we spent together in Central Park.

Sadly I had to inform Fran that Abbey had lost her battle with cancer just a few months ago. She will be one of 4 NYC dogs who will appear posthumously in this book.

Thank you to Fran for including Abbey - and for creating a beautiful book about 2 of my favorite things - dogs - and Central Park!
If the weather holds out - Ellie will get to discover Central Park this SUNDAY!!!