Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a MESS!

Excuse the lousy quality of this pic.
Mom took it with her blackberry to email her boss. She had to explain WHY she was going to be a little late for work this morning. Apparently I'm not allowed to bask in my muddy glory all day. Mom made me take a bath before she left for work. SMART DOG that I am....I made such a mess that Mom then had to take a 2nd shower before she headed out! HA! GOTCHA!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

City Girl

We stayed in the city this weekend - which means CENTRAL PARK SATURDAY.

I ran.

Due chased me.
And I ran.

Then the battery died on Mom's camera so that's all the photos we have.

You missed....
Me chasing a Robin.
Me romping in daffodils
Me chasing Due
Me eating horse "deposits". Mom was NOT happy with that one!

The battery is currently being re-charged as I can't wait to show you me newest toy.
It's a keeper!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Torture Device #1

Don't let the smiling face of this handsome lad fool you.
I suspect he was PAID well for this advertisement.

How else do you explain a grin - while wearing a HARNESS?
That's right. A HARNESS.

Apparently MOM doesn't like it when I pull her around like a crazy pup
on our walks. She CLAIMS her back hurts and that I'm "too strong"
(Seriously People, like that's even a possibility).

Let's not forget - it seems my Big Sis - Abbey was a

Whatever! (I think Mom's just too old to remember the trials and tribulations of
Puppyhood with Saint Abbey. )

She went to the neighborhood pet store - a place I USUALLY like very much -
and they recommended this.


I DON'T LIKE being yanked around when I want to run FREE.

Let's face it - there are birds, and squirrels and even those little Styrofoam
packing peanuts - just ASKING TO BE CHASED down the streets of Manhattan.
I think that it is my BIRTHRIGHT to chase things. All things.
OK - maybe chasing those nasty yellow cars I see everywhere is not a good idea -
but everything else should be fair game.


Now you may wonder HOW I managed to get my chin under the chest strap. I'M A PUPPY. I CAN DO ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION!!!!!
(Note from EM - take harness off immediately upon returning to the apartment)

I had it made. No more Harness. I was doing the "Happy Puppy Dance".

Unfortunately - that lasted for less than 24 hours as we were right back at the Pet Store - buying yet another one. Of course - since Mom needed it ASAP - she paid twice as much for it at the neighborhood store - than she would have if she had given me a few days of harness-freedom and simply ordered it online.

Well at least this time it's a LBH (Little Black Harness). Now what did I do with my pearls?

Note from EM (Ellie's Mom) - since the Ellester needed a 2nd harness - it came out of her allowance - which means no treats or new toys - for the next 2 weeks. HA!

UPDATE: As I was typing this - Elle was laying quietly next to me on the floor - CHEWING OFF HER NEW HARNESS!!!! We are going out to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL spring day - have dinner at a sidewalk cafe, etc. so I did not take the harness off after our "after work walk". I was just going to publish a quick post - that had already been written - and she did it AGAIN!

I know. She's a puppy. She chews. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTERING THE APARTMENT. UGH! At $30 a pop - this is starting to add up.

UPDATE #2: Mom and I go back to the Pet Store, but they don't have the right harness. I go back to the DUNGEON while Mom and Aunt D go to dinner. THEN - they pick me up and we all head back to the Pet Store. Somehow the forces of evil came together and not one - but TWO harness suddenly appear. I try on #1 - lovely and black - but too small. (My luck is holding out!)

Oh no - it's red - and it fits. What's a girl to do!
You would think that with all of these options - I'd be able to work my charm on SOMEONE - ANYONE and grab a couple of these to brighten up my Jail Cell. NO SUCH LUCK.

I will be pouting for the remainder of the evening.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Farm Girl

How you doin'?

I - am fabulous! Another weekend in the country.

We still had LOTS of snow to play in....

And after hours of rompin' around the grounds - it was time to rest.
I thought I would just stay here ALL NIGHT.

But the 2-Legged ones had other plans.
Yes. A travel crate. I thought I had escaped from confinement
and was free to roam as I please.

So on one hand I now have lots of open space to play in - no fences - no restrictions -

And then this. Oh brother!

The only thing worse than a new crate - being told I need to get in the car - after I witness our bags being loaded in the trunk - this can only mean one thing - it's time to head back to the city.

I'm not ready - and I'm not going. Period.

Yes- that's a new harness. I'm sure Mom will take great pleasure in telling you how that happened - another time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

City Girl - Country Girl

Yep - I am one lucky dog.
Look where I spent my Saturday!

Our dear friend, The Irish Man, invited us to his beautiful old farm outside of The City - it's the perfect weekend escape for all of us.

Look at the tractor that came with the place.
How fun is this going to be come spring!

Until then, there's still lots of snow for me to play in - I could get use to this!

Mom and Irish are looking forward to fixing up the place. I don't know what needs fixing. This can be my room. I'll put the dog bed right here.

Apparently 2-legged ones need furniture, etc. to feel at home so after a few hours we headed back to The City. Before we left there was a lot of measuring, note taking and discussions of putting this here and that there. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I had a blanket on the floor and was ready to stay the entire weekend.

I looking forward to coming back! A weekend in the country is just what this city girl needs to relax. Of course I still love my Saturday Central Park routine - but there's something to be said for acres and acres of open field - and fresh air! Hey Mom - do you think Irish will let me plant my very own garden out there?