Monday, January 31, 2011

Abbey's Life Lesson #10

The 2nd* best thing about living in New York City.....

My very own DOORMAN!

This is Joseph - he always took care of me!

This is Mike - he LOVED my Jeter Halloween getup!

* Of course we all know that the #1 Best Thing About NYC is....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Don't THINK So!

Can anyone explain to me WHY I must be tortured so?

First - Mom takes me to see the nice people at Bideawee (my vet's). They let me run around - I found my first C A T - they all want to pet my soft puppy coat - it's heaven!

Next thing I know - they knock me out - cold. I'm confused as to what really went on after that. All I know is my tummy hurts a little - I have a stitch or two - I'm been implanted with some weird sci-fi chip - and WORSE OF ALL - I have this silly thing ON MY HEAD - which means I can't scratch my itch! Oh the agony!!!!

Mom is trying to make me feel better. She gave me a "happy pill" this morning - IN PEANUT BUTTER - she's hanging out with me all day - AND she tells me that in 10 days....I get to go to a special park that is just for dogs!

So I'm starting the countdown....10 days......

From Ellie's Mom - What a drama queen! She's fine - and is recovering from her spaying procedure. The comfy cone - was Abbey's - she's getting use to it. The weird "sci-fi" chip is a micro chip. Something I always meant to do for Abbey but never got around to. We are BOTH looking forward to longer walks and lots of playtime at our neighborhood dog run - as well as CENTRAL PARK!

Friday, January 21, 2011

House Arrest

I wanted to explain why I have been slacking in my posting duties.

Apparently I need one more booster shot before I can play with other pups. That will happen on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Until then - no adventures. I'm only allowed outside to take care of business.

Thank goodness for the snow. That's right. SNOW. I think as a golden it's genetic.
Mom let me play in it at the end of our street after our morning "business walk".


I love to look at it.

I love to stick my face in it.

I love to spin in it!


I'm counting the days - until I get to make my neighborhood debut -
I hear there's a DOG PARK right around the corner!!!!

Note from Ellie's Mom: Elle will also have her "procedure" when we return to the vets on Tues. - so after she recovers from that - she will be able to run and play with the other dogs - something we are BOTH looking forward to!

Monday, January 10, 2011

LIfe Lesson #9

Couch Surfing
is a birth right.

Just sayin!

Actually this is a lesson for Mom. I KNOW you have a thing about "dogs" on the furniture. But it's going to happen - so you should just relax and cuddle up with me!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


First - I'm told I have a blog and must not forget to post in the midst of "puppydom" -
THEN - I get in trouble for trying to get "on" the computer!

Make up your mind lady! Jeez - I wish Abbey had left me an instruction booklet on how to understand Momma. She's very confusing!

PS. Yes - I did access the computer by climbing on the sofa and crossing over to the desk! If I were an Olympic gymnast - I bet I would have gotten a "10" for that move!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Crate, A Couch and A Dog Bed....

Which would YOU choose?

I thought so!

I may be young - and I may be blonde - But I'm no fool!

Of course I am not "allowed" on the couch - but that hasn't stopped me from trying about 27 times this morning....

Next up...the red chair!!!!!

PS. - Momma is exhausted - and it's just the first week!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year

Abbey's Life Lessons will return next Monday - and will continue to be a Monday Feature on our blog. I promised Abbs that I would always find room to love another golden girl - so in honor of her - and everything that she taught me - I'd like to introduce you to......

Eleanor Roosevelt - better known as ELLIE!

In Abbey's honor - I am turning over the reigns of this blog to our newest family member.

It's all yours Elle!

I'm a little overwhelmed here. I'm 14 weeks old - and have spent my young life on a beautiful farm in southeastern PA. My new Mom came to pick me up this morning - and 2-1/2 hrs later - I'M A NEW YORK CITY GIRL!

Mom and her friends Mr. T and Miss Liv met me in Pennsylvania for our journey to NYC.

I found the car ride very relaxing. There's was even a dog bed for me - I thought it might be even more comfortable to sleep UNDER the bed. Very cozy.

Apparently there were snacks in the back seat - but Miss Liv was in charge of keeping me in my luxurious cargo area. (I had toys - a bed - a blanket - but those snacks looked tempting)

When we got home - I discovered just how lucky I am...

There's Mom's chair. OK - so I'm not really suppose to be in it . I'm learning.

My big sis Abbey, left me her dog bed. I promise to take good care of it!

There's my new crate - with it's own custom slipcover.

I even have my own little pop-up "Pup Tent". Mom thought this would be great for weekend trips outside the city. I think it's pretty cozy!

So there you have it. I'm going to do my best to fill some pretty big paws. I look forward to sharing my stories and adventures with you. Right now - I think it's time to nap!

(so far I have been called Ellie, Elle, Eleanor, Mrs. Roosevelt, Elmo, El-ster - apparently I have many personalities!)