Saturday, November 21, 2009

Excuuuuuse Me!

Granted - this is a lovely shot of 2 dogs I do not know....
And Central Park is basking in its autumn glory...


Blogger Rule #1
Take your camera everywhere. You never know when you will see me do something blog-worthy.

Blogger Rule #2
Make sure you charge the battery for above mentioned camera.

Seems Mom has mastered the first rule - not so much the second. We got to the Park this morning and as Mom was taking pictures of dogs we don't know - she realizes that her camera battery is make matters worse... these are the only pics for the day.
She missed out on all sorts of blogger gems like....

Coffee at a different cafe (apparently the caffeine need was so great we had to stop at the Conservatory Pond Boathouse (Model Boat Pond) for coffee before heading to the Loeb Boathouse for bacon and eggs. I'm just confused that there are 2 boathouses and they don't seem to be anything like each other.
She missed...Due covered with leaves...that stuck all over his coat...ME....ME and Due.....ME with a stick....ME running like the wind and spinning backwards...
okay maybe she needs video to do that one justice.

The point is she messed up and better get it together before the holidays.
Although I do really like that shot on the rocks...maybe next week Due and I can strike a pose there and make it our Christmas card...of course someone will have to charge the battery AND bring along some treats just for good measure...hmmmmm.

I hope you all enjoy your adventures this weekend.


Emma Rose said...

Well at least your Mom got a nice picture of two good looking dogs. Maybe next week they will be your new friends!

Emma Rose

The Other End Of The Leash said...

Since I am pretty bad at blogger rule #2, here's my rule #3: Two cameras. I keep a tiny old point and shoot in my bag as a backup. Even though the pix aren't great quality, it comes in handy and I've gotten some unique shots I otherwise would have missed.

Fun post, and a beautiful photo nonetheless. Making me miss NY terribly! :)

Farley said...

It is so true how things like that always work! We do love the shot she took of the other fur kids :)

Ben said...

At least your momma owns a camera. My momma only uses a cell phone camera - so there is no flash, no bells, no whistles. that being said I would have loved to see you runnin' like the wind.