Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We had a stuffie emergency at our place.

As many of your know - from the post about my vast stuffie collection - I am a gentle stuffie lover....with one exception.

When Mom deserted me over the holidays I reacted by ripping apart a couple of stuffies.

First to be sacrificed was the beloved Frog. (Big men were delivery Mom's Christmas present from Craig S. was beautiful - but Mom was on her way to Utah, Due was supervising the BIG BURLY STRANGERS IN MY APARTMENT, and I was freaking out - quietly - by tearing the life out of Mr. Frog).

Next up - Hawk. Mom left behind the new red-tail hawk as my Christmas present. Nice try lady - you really think you can buy my love when I knew you were shacking up with that OTHER DOG - what's a girl to do?

So to redeem herself - Mom came to the rescue....

First - she got out her Medic Emergency Care Kit. Looked like her sewing box to me.
Then she gently stitched up Hawk's head.....
Next she mended Froggie's backside (that must have hurt).
And we're are good to go....
Thanks Mom. You're forgiven (once more).

I think we can all walk away from this with a valuable lesson. Leave me again - and I'm not responsible for the welfare of the domestic stuffie population.

Just sayin'.


Samantha said...

Now you know better than to risk the life of the stuffies by abandoning the four-legged! :p

Good thing they were saveable!

JackDaddy said...

You're a much better sew-er than I am. All Jack's toys look like Franken-toys now! :)

Emma Rose said...

Well I guess you told her! Our stuffies don't last very long either. Mister Higgisn loves all that white fluffy stuff inside of them. He even round some inside of the quilt on the Duchesses bed! (Bad doggy!)

Emma Rose

PS IF your Mom goes away again you can come stay with us!

Alex93andme said...

Those toys look like the ones in my house..all of the stuffing is gone. Glad your mom was able to sew yours up good!!!

Pigtown-Design said...

We got supposedly unrippable boiled wool bones from Trader Joe's. They were filled with coconut fibres. Within a half an hour, both dogs had chewed one of the edges off the bones and were pulling out the coconut fibre. I thought about sewing them shut again, but didn't.

The only stuffie in our house that hasn't been shredded is little "Lambie" which is Connor's favourite toy. He accidentally left it at his cousin's house on the Eastern Shore and six months later when we were back there, he got out of the car, went into the house, into the library, into the toychest, found Lambie, and brought him to me to hold for him.

central bark designs said...

PD - Favorites are favorites. I love the fact that Conner knew just where to find Lambie!

One smart pup!

Miley said...

Amen!!!! I have a thousand of those and they are all de-stuffed!!!! Great pics!!!

lotsa licks,

Ben said...

Your mom is a genius at surgery. We aren't allowed stuffies - the evil Lance is a habitual shredder and will snatch them from the rest of us nonshredders. - Just one more reason to like me better than Lance.

Farley's Mom said...

Nice work on those stuffies. It is a good way to express yourself, and let Momma know how you're feeling! She was a most excellent Medic and so glad Mr. Frog is back in action!

Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

We have fun with this little exercise. I have a "DL" box and once in a while, I sew the DL toys together. So, Mr. Hedgehog gets an octopus stomach. Piggie and Moo Cow become Siamese twins.

I love the look on Baxter's face when we reveal the new creations. :)