Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost Perfect

This morning was almost perfect.

Due and I met up at the corner and strolled to Central Park.
The rains have passed and the sun was out. BEAUTIFUL.
Due's been under the weather. He was just diagnosed with Addison's Disease. He got his meds and is on the mends so it was terrific to be back with him in The Park.

We romped and made all the other dogs jealous.

I basked in the dappled sunlight, with a stick, some mud stains,
and my tongue a-waggin'.

I hid my harness at The Farm so Mom and Irish would "forget" to bring it back with us last week. I thought I'd "run free" and drag Mom
willy-nilly up and down the streets of Manhattan.
At least that was MY plan.

But NOOOOOOOOO. Mom caught my friend Parker wearing one of these. A "Gentle Leader".
She had a chat with Parker's Mom - who told her it was indeed "the best" option. Really cuts down on the pulling, etc. Irish keeps mentioning a choke collar - and Mom has resisted. I hear her asking around and folks who have tried both say the Gentle Leader is the way to go.

Due doesn't care. He's by my side no matter what. I still think this is ridiculous. I have asked every doorman on my block for assistance in the removal of this device.
No such luck.

So to get even - I did what only a dog could do.
Quietly laid in a muddy puddle while the peeps had brunch!
So there!


Fiona, as typed by Dr. Liz said...

Sounds like perfect revenge to us! Mom considered those Gentle Leader thingys, but we seem to walk fine in harnesses (neither of us likes things tugging under our front legs, so if we pull, it tugs under our legs and we slow down). Maybe if you bribed the doormen? ;-)

*kissey face*
-Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

Sam said...

We use one on Sam - it is the only way we can walk him. We did try some of the other alternatives, but this seems to be the most effective.


Catalina said...

Looks like a perfect day at the park to me! Lots of green grass and friends.
I think your Gental Leader needs to be adjusted a little. The neck strap should come up a little higher. It's supposed to look like a 'v' when viewed from the side - not an 'L'- if that makes sense. :)

JackDaddy said...

Look at something called an E-Z Walk. That's what I've used with Jack as he HATES having anything on his face and it works really well for the pulling.

Sierra Rose said...

Ellie! Red is a great color on you! I have a gentle just puts it on my snooter, and I notch my energy down a bit.... However, I am pretty responsive to the pinch collar, and that is what I use for the few obedience sessions I do, as well as just daily walks for corrections.
No matter what I am wearing...always up for a mud puddle! Right!? the way...I didn't like the swimming thing the first few times I tried...would just shiver in dad's lap..and want to go. Soon, I LOVED it and can't stand not sampling every body of water I pass!

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose