Sunday, February 13, 2011

1 Day - 2 Parks!

Apparently Mom had plans for Saturday night - so the plan for Saturday day -
was to wear me out! HA!

First stop - Central Park

Due and I wrestle by the Balto statue.

Then it's off to field #2...

Now this is fun!

There's another golden who's teaching me to "retrieve"...

But I heard Mom needs coffee...

BACON? Did somebody say we get bacon here?

Do you have the bacon?

Cooper and Max show me the proper "bacon begging" approach.

As we headed home - we came across some of the horse-drawn carriages that
operate in Central Park.

I'm not sure about the horses....that's a little frightening....
Have no fear - Due will protect me!

We head home for a nap - then it's on to Park #2 - Our neighborhood dog run!

We run this way.....

And that way.....

You would think with all this activity - I would have been one tired pup - but nope.
Mom went to a dinner party upstairs - only to come home to discover a note left from
an unhappy neighbor.

I didn't like being left alone - so I barked solid from 8pm until she got home at 10pm! Unfortunately no one called the doorman - as Mom always tells him where she can be found (she was on the 10th floor - didn't even leave the building).

I know Mom's upset with my behavior - any suggestions? I overheard her talking about next time lowering the crate cover and turning off all the lights so I think it's bedtime. There's been talk of a collar that will spray me when I bark - UGH!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Of khourse, I vote she takes woo with her!

PeeEssWoo: Any day spent near the Balto statue is pawesome!

Ben said...

Oh boy here it goes, cause some times exercise is not enough -
Bully sticks, everlasting dog treats, frozen kongs filled with wet food & kibble or kongs filled with peanut butter & kibble - but only give them in the crate & when you go. Radio or tv for background noise.

Anonymous said...

Yep, my momma says the same as Ben's momma--a busy brain makes a tired dog (kinda like her doin' math problems). We especially like filled frozen kongs; anything you'd want to eat can be stuffed inside (cut fruit & veggies, non-sugar ceral, kibble, etc)and frozen shut with peanut butter or soft cheese at the ends. Only for crate-time or when Mom's away. Endless recipes or google "stuffing dog kongs". Happy puzzle-solving!~Rex

Ollie said...

I'm a beagle who lives in a condo and all my neighbors love me because I never make any noise! Here are some of the things my human did to ensure I never developed separation anxiety:
1. Quiet non-eventful entry and exit. No fuss/excitement when she left and no fussing over me for the first five minutes when she came back. This taught me that her coming and going was no big deal.
2. I would get a special treat (eg. peanut butter filled kong) I really loved ONLY when she left me alone. So being alone became a good thing.
3. Practice makes perfect. We would practice leaving me alone for 5 minutes, then 10 and so on, to build my comfort level and my confidence.
Good luck!