Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a MESS!

Excuse the lousy quality of this pic.
Mom took it with her blackberry to email her boss. She had to explain WHY she was going to be a little late for work this morning. Apparently I'm not allowed to bask in my muddy glory all day. Mom made me take a bath before she left for work. SMART DOG that I am....I made such a mess that Mom then had to take a 2nd shower before she headed out! HA! GOTCHA!


Barbara said...

Ha ha!! Good for you! Moms need to be late sometimes!

Amber-Mae said...

Good job, buddy! That's a good way to get your mom to pay attention to you. TEE HEE

Berts Blog said...

Way to go Dude. I love mud. The best part about mud for me is that I get to go swimming in the lake after I endulge. I don't think Vickie has figured it out yet, but the chance to go swimming is totally worth the mud in my mouth.

olivia said...

Hysterical! Miss you El.