Friday, March 18, 2011

Torture Device #1

Don't let the smiling face of this handsome lad fool you.
I suspect he was PAID well for this advertisement.

How else do you explain a grin - while wearing a HARNESS?
That's right. A HARNESS.

Apparently MOM doesn't like it when I pull her around like a crazy pup
on our walks. She CLAIMS her back hurts and that I'm "too strong"
(Seriously People, like that's even a possibility).

Let's not forget - it seems my Big Sis - Abbey was a

Whatever! (I think Mom's just too old to remember the trials and tribulations of
Puppyhood with Saint Abbey. )

She went to the neighborhood pet store - a place I USUALLY like very much -
and they recommended this.


I DON'T LIKE being yanked around when I want to run FREE.

Let's face it - there are birds, and squirrels and even those little Styrofoam
packing peanuts - just ASKING TO BE CHASED down the streets of Manhattan.
I think that it is my BIRTHRIGHT to chase things. All things.
OK - maybe chasing those nasty yellow cars I see everywhere is not a good idea -
but everything else should be fair game.


Now you may wonder HOW I managed to get my chin under the chest strap. I'M A PUPPY. I CAN DO ANYTHING AS LONG AS IT LEADS TO DESTRUCTION!!!!!
(Note from EM - take harness off immediately upon returning to the apartment)

I had it made. No more Harness. I was doing the "Happy Puppy Dance".

Unfortunately - that lasted for less than 24 hours as we were right back at the Pet Store - buying yet another one. Of course - since Mom needed it ASAP - she paid twice as much for it at the neighborhood store - than she would have if she had given me a few days of harness-freedom and simply ordered it online.

Well at least this time it's a LBH (Little Black Harness). Now what did I do with my pearls?

Note from EM (Ellie's Mom) - since the Ellester needed a 2nd harness - it came out of her allowance - which means no treats or new toys - for the next 2 weeks. HA!

UPDATE: As I was typing this - Elle was laying quietly next to me on the floor - CHEWING OFF HER NEW HARNESS!!!! We are going out to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL spring day - have dinner at a sidewalk cafe, etc. so I did not take the harness off after our "after work walk". I was just going to publish a quick post - that had already been written - and she did it AGAIN!

I know. She's a puppy. She chews. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY UPON ENTERING THE APARTMENT. UGH! At $30 a pop - this is starting to add up.

UPDATE #2: Mom and I go back to the Pet Store, but they don't have the right harness. I go back to the DUNGEON while Mom and Aunt D go to dinner. THEN - they pick me up and we all head back to the Pet Store. Somehow the forces of evil came together and not one - but TWO harness suddenly appear. I try on #1 - lovely and black - but too small. (My luck is holding out!)

Oh no - it's red - and it fits. What's a girl to do!
You would think that with all of these options - I'd be able to work my charm on SOMEONE - ANYONE and grab a couple of these to brighten up my Jail Cell. NO SUCH LUCK.

I will be pouting for the remainder of the evening.


Sheila and Bob said...

The Easy Walk, the first one you had is one of the best we have found.
We have two Goldens both like to pull but the Easy Walk did the trick for us.
When ours was a puppy he would have probably chewed it also if we had left it on, Goldens , always pushing the envelope.

Sheila & Bob
Mom & Dad to
Hamish & Rescue Sophie

Catalina said...

I have one of those for my puppy too. She has also gotten her chin underneath it too, but I caught her before she could chew it.
Have you heard of the Bungee PUpee?

I'm ordering one - they seem like a good idea and then we might be able to go back to a normal collar and lead. I'm a little nervous about Tibby slipping out of the harness and running away.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness... I am actually laughing out loud!! That is SO funny! My little Nugget Houdini managed to chew himself out of 2 harnesses in his first year, too. So we've all had to learn a few lessons the hard way :) I've been looking for a new harness for him as our current one is a little worn and stretched out. I'm glad to see Sheila and Bob had success with this kind and their goldens. We, too, shall be making a trip to the pet store!
Wags and Wiggles!
~Katie, Nugget & Oscar

Sam said...

It's okay - Sam chewed two haltis up the first week we bought them!


Sam said...

I'm with you, Elle. Much cheaper just to learn how to heel. :-p

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, not two harnesses. No wonder you're in the doghouse. They're expensive.

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! Oh My ... you are strong. I use the same thing but my mom customized it ... basically made a new one with cotton webbing n fabric. I developed sensitivity to the poly webbing. You can see it from this post, check it out.
Be patient mom ... love this gentle harness been wearing it since I was 3.

Pigtown-Design said...

we call halas's harness "the sports bra".

Anonymous said...

Ah, Miss Ellie, I have one of those, too. I do not call mine LBH since I am a (studly) guy, and it looks nothing like a tux. But really, it gets better. Once you learn to do it their way (ie, not dragging Mom up the tree chasing a squirrel) they loosen up the rules. Momma plays a little game with me called "eat your broccoli then you can have cake". She doesn't really mean cake, but when we're walkin' she'll ask me to sit or walk right with her, and then she'll say "okay, go be a dog" which means I can go sniff awhile.
I think I'm s'posed to be learnin' about behavior and reward--what do I care if I get to sniff the squirrel. Good luck! You'll have your Mom trained in no time. ~Rex
ps: I think you look quite fetching in the red one...

Adrienne said...

Dory likes to chew up her Easy Walk. She also thinks it's a torture device. Of course she really thinks the Gentle Leader is. Lucy wears that. Dory will drag her face on the sidewalk for miles if we try to get her to wear that.

1000 Goldens said...

Stay strong Ellie, remember, you're the boss!! P.S. My Mom is so in love with your curly, fluffy coat - every time we come here she oohs and ahhs.

the booker man said...

miss ellie,

i totally hated my harness thingie at first, too, but then i got used to it. it's really not so bad! besides, i think you look pretty in red, so pretty please don't chew that one up, okie dokie? :)

the booker man

Sierra Rose said...

Oh Ellie!!!!! I'm a harness girl myself...but fortunately (for mom) haven't had the urge to chew it through....You did a true number on harness #1!!! As you can sometimes tell...sadly, I am sometimes in harness and pinch collar...a field golden, I am...and though I am pretty good on the leash now, I tend to go for things.... Hang in there my friend :)

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose

Kira said...

I know it's probably too late for this, but I believe Premiere has a deal where they will replace gentle leaders/easy walk harnesses if they are chewed through. I seem to remember that from when I bought ours, which is luckily still in tact. Can't say the same thing about my parking break, unfortunately...

Kira and Murphy