Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Mom loves her job. She's a political news junkie. Her job takes her away from home from time to time. Sometimes (like last week) it’s with just a couple hours notice, and other times we know well in advance.

When Mom headed to Denver for last summer’s Democratic Convention, she was gone the entire month of August - but that worked out for me since Sarah (mom’s honorary niece) came to stay in New York. I had a great time showing Sarah my city. I really had a great time when Sarah's husband Mike came for a visit!

My favorite assignment was the month Mom had to spend in New Hampshire to cover the NH Primary – I got to go with her as the “official worksite dog”. It was exhausting – there were 100+ people, they were all very tense – so I had my work cut out for me.

I helped the lighting crew light the set…

I was interviewed by Greta VanSusteren

Producer Jamie Nelson piled all my toys on me when it was nap time….(apparently my job was also to make people laugh)

I even got veteran newsman Brit Hume to crack a smile…

It was a lot of fun, but being a morale officer can be exhausting….

While a lot of folks may not be ready for another political cycle - Mom and I can't wait to head back to New Hampshire.

The Residence Inn in Merrimack is a great place to stay if you're a dog assigned to covering the NH Primary! Our room was more like an apartment, we had a kitchen, living room complete with fireplace - which was all nice and cozy when we had 30" of snow!

So until the next debate/primary/debate/super tuesday/convention/debate/election night/inaugural season...we'll continue to enjoy creating our pet placmats, lazy Saturdays in Central Park, and all the other adventures NYC has to offer!

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Scout 'n Freyja said...

Our momma is a political junkie, too, but she doesn't get paid to be one! We sometimes find that she talks to the teevee when someone in a suit is talking. We were worried about that but, heck, she never forgets to love us or to feed us, so let her talk to that square thing, that's OK with us.