Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Due!

"No one is perfect, until you fall in love with them" - Unknown

Due is back from his week in the country. His folks headed out for their own adventure today (something about the U.S. being Open...and men in white shorts!) It really doesn't matter where they headed as long as Du spends the afternoon with us.

I'm trying to play it cool. I wouldn't want him to know how much I missed him when he was gone. Quite frankly a week in dog-ville is almost 2 months to you people. Trust me it was agony. But I can be cool...

I'll act like I don't even know he's here....

The best news...I heard the 2-legged ones talking...and it looks like we get to head to Central Park tomorrow...ON A MONDAY! I can't imagine life getting any better than that.

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Sam said...

I'm glad Due is able to visit you! I hope both of you have lots of fun!


style chronicle said...

Your home is looking so pretty. Any progress?

central bark designs said...

To Style: I just ordered the black venetian chandelier for the bath - am waiting for sink and fixtures - will send you photos when the "Tiffany Bath" is complete!

Going to Eddie Ross event at the Westport Calico Corners on the 16th! I'm sure I'll be inspired!