Monday, September 21, 2009

Got the Time?

When we arrive at Central Park for our weekly Saturday romp - we enter off of 59th street - go through the zoo...and then to FREEDOM...we have to keep our leashes on in the zoo - even in the off leash hours. I guess some dogs would want to stay and play with the animals....I want to get to the other side - where Mom unsnaps my leash and I run around like a ....trying to come up with the right word...but truth be known...I RUN AROUND LIKE A FOOL! A very happy fool!

On our way through the zoo - we come upon the Delacorte Clock...

The Delacorte Clock, is located right above the arcade between the Wildlife Center and the Children's Zoo . It was a gift of publisher and philanthropist George T. Delacorte and was dedicated on June 4, 1965. Designer Fernando Texidor collaborated with architect Edward Coe Embury (son of the 1934 zoo’s designer, Aymar Embury II) to create a brick arcaded bridge between the Monkey House (now the Zoo School) and the main Central Park Zoo quadrangle to house the clock and its animal sculpture carousel. Italian sculptor Andrea Spadini (1912–1983) crafted the whimsical bronze sculptures, which depict a penguin, kangaroo, bear, elephant, goat, and hippo parading with a variety of musical instruments as well as two monkeys with mallets that strike the bell.

Each day between eight in the morning and six in the evening, the clock--now digitally programmed--plays one of thirty-two nursery rhyme tunes on the hour. On the half-hour, the mechanical performance is a bit shorter. The animals rotate on a track around the clock and each also turns on an axis.
In 1995, the Central Park Conservancy supervised a restoration of the clock and sculptures, financed through an endowment established by the family of Mr. Delacorte in 1993.

Just another fun spot we get to enjoy and I wanted to share with my friends.

NEXT UP: those who don't live in NYC - this is the United Nations General Assembly. It's an annual meeting - the streets in our neighborhood are blocked off due to all the motorcades coming and going from the UN...which means 1st Avenue will be lined with Police Officers and Firemen...Its my favorite time of year. It takes twice as long for me to get to the dog run in the morning, because I MUST stop and greet each and every one. And you know I'm not embarasses Mom - which of course is half the fun. Now that I'm blogging I will remind her to take the camera!


Kali said...

Next time we go to Central park we will have to try and listen to the clock. We haven't heard it yet.

Kali and Rumer

Emma Rose said...

That sounds like a pretty fun time. I would love to see that clock work. You are so lucky to get to greet all the firemen and policemen!

Miley said...

Sound like a great time, love the pics!!!

lotsa licks,

Sierra Rose said...

Hey there! Sounded like you have the ZOOMIES when you are let off lead!! Go nuts!
What an exciting location you live in!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose