Saturday, December 12, 2009

NYC Holiday Windows, Part 3

Today's Holiday Window Tour brings us to Bergdorf Goodman Men's Store
Which is right across the street from Bergdorf Goodman and the Plaza Hotel. (58th & 5th Avenue.) In other words...right by the entrance to the Park, so I really didn't understand why we had to delay our playtime to take more photos.....

The Men's Store windows, although not geared towards the holiday were very cool - especially if you've seen the new movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The stop-action animated movie directed by Wes Anderson, starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep. The actual sets, and characters are used as the window displays.
The Cider Cellar

The Badger

The motorcycle ride on Wolf Road

The grocery store....

and the Feast!

Due and I waited patiently - because we knew after the window gawking, and the stop for coffee...we would get in a good romp on a brisk fall day. The only thing missing is SNOW!


Demi Lu said...

I like your blog and your dogs!, CONGRATULATIONS!


JackDaddy said...

How can you NOT love window shopping in NYC?

The pups look like they are having a great time!!!

Ben said...

Another a great day in NYC. What a great romp in the park. Was there any bacon after the romp?

central bark designs said...

Ben - there WAS bacon pre-romp. Have to run around to keep my girlish figure!

style chronicle said...

yeah, more windows. Love the Fantastic Mr. Fox theme!!

style chronicle said...

Oh, and your mats are featured on my holiday gift lists!!