Sunday, December 20, 2009


Heaven...absolute heaven!

Here's the deal. We did NOT go to Central Park this morning. Although I really wanted to show my blogfriends the beauty of my Park in the snow, wiser (2-legged) minds prevailed. And it was the right decision. It's a 30 minute walk to the Park. Some sidewalks are covered with salt - which can be painful - and once we get there - and play - and's another 30 minute walk home. Although that's great exercise on most days - the thought was it might be too much for a day like today. (I keep asking Mom to buy us a townhouse right off the Park....a girl can dream!)

Besides - we have our own Park in our neighborhood - and it had plenty of snow - and lots of room to romp! (Bonus - we got there in less than 5:00!)

And we played!
and played....
Due makes a very handsome "Snow Bunny". He actually had to hop like a bunny to get through the snow!
Unfortunately - the snow bunny soon was covered with snow balls. It didn't look very comfortable so we had to get him inside to warm-up (and defrost).
We had a great time playing in the snow. Now its time to rest as I supervise Mom baking Christmas cookies today. (And I'm talking Christmas cookies FOR ME & DUE!!!!).

I hope you all enjoy your adventures today!


Emma Rose said...

Snow! Yay! I am so happy for you that you got your snow. And by the looks of it you got LOT'S of snow. Have fun and make a snow angel for me!

Emma Rose

JackDaddy said...

Sometimes a snow angel can be covered in fur!

Sam said...

Ouch! Snowballs in the nether-regions - and that is a lot of snow in your park! It makes us too cold just looking at it!

Sam and Cisco

Farley said...

Ahhh!! That is our first real close-up with Due and he is so cute :) We're glad you got a bunch of snow to enjoy, and also hope your boyfriend thawed out okay. The snow clumps on the tummy and between the toes are always uncomfortable.

Sierra Rose said...

Yay!!! The close-by parkie looked really fun, especially if you can play with best-bud DUE!!! Hope we see those snaggle-worthy cookies!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Samantha said...

Good morning! I have heard about your bloggie and finally found it through Emma Rose! So glad to meet you and to see pix of snow it NYC!!! All my mom's family lives there and has been enjoying the fluffy stuff too! You and Due look like you're having a ball in all that snow - waaaahhhhhhh! We don't get snow here, but can get to it in Tahoe - hope to go soon! Send me one of those cookies hehee!
Hugs xo

Ben said...

Yippee - you got your snow. It looks like you and Due had a great time - but those snowballs are evil. Happy White Christmas - maybe you will get to the park after you bake your cookies.

Matters of Style said...

So, so adorable! I don't think my cat would have half as much fun in the snow...

Ruby Red Dog said...

You got lots of snow there. What fun! But those snow balls in the toes are nasty.


Scout 'n Freyja said...

Merry Christmas to a darling pooch who has brought us smiles and happiness throughout this past year. Your gentle ways and upbeat attitude have been a source joy!

SEDONA said...

Hi Abbey!
Glad you got to enjoy the snow before the rain washed it away yesterday!
Happy Christmas to you & your hooman & hope Santy brought you lots of loot :-)
Your pal,

Life With Dogs said...

Happy new year from your friends in Vermont! :)