Sunday, December 27, 2009


Someone kidnapped my Mom!!!!
Apparently THIS is the guilty party. Her name is Magnolia Marie - known as "Maggie". Here's what happened...

Just a few days before Christmas...Mom disappeared.

I knew she wouldn't leave me on her own accord - so the only thing I could think of was she must have been kidnapped. She was finally returned (unharmed - and maybe a few pounds heavier...) in the early morning hours of December 27th. I grabbed her camera and look what I found. Every picture is of this OTHER DOG.

After some investigating on my part - Mom fessed up that she went to see HER parents (Tutu & Huni) for Christmas - in southern Utah - which is why I was left behind. You must take a plane to get there - and until Mom gets me my own private jet so I can travel in the main cabin - I only travel by car! (I think the private plane in on the same fantasy wish list as that townhouse off Central Park and George Clooney)

One has to ask WHY would anyone in their right mind leave NEW YORK CITY for Christmas,
then I found this picture of the view from Tutu & Huni's living room.
I guess it's nice if you like that "nature" sort of thing - but where are all the big buildings? All that light must be blinding. I understand Mom had trouble sleeping her first night there - it was too quiet and she missed her lullaby of screeching tires, honking horns and the occasional siren! - Ah....New York.

So back to the Momnapper - MAGGIE. Seems she even has a job! Every Wednesday she goes with Tutu for a Pet Therapy session at the local assisted living facility, Ridgeview Gardens in St. George.

She loves to snuggle with the residents.
And they snuggle right back.
She gets belly rubs...
And even tried to go for a ride!

Back at Tutu & Huni's she supervised the preparation of Christmas dinner. Now I don't know what fennel is - but apparently it was "fabulous" in the sausage/fennel stuffing that was part of the big meal!

This MAGGIE dog was everywhere - in every picture. I hear she even SLEPT with Mom. That is just unacceptable.
Sounds like Mom had a lot of fun visiting - but I'm not happy about this OTHER dog!

Now just because Mom left the big city for the holiday - doesn't mean I had to suffer. In fact I got to stay at Due's! We got to go on long walks, and take even longer naps. We even got to check out the snow in Central Park on Christmas morning.

What's better than a snowman? A snowman with his DOG!
There was still lots of snow to play in!
And we stopped to check out the windows at Ralph Lauren (Madison Avenue) on the way home!
Thanks to Due (and Tom & Deborah) for taking great care of me while Mom was gone. And Maggie - I guess I should thank you for taking care of my mom - just remember - she's MINE!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and your travels were safe.

Until our next adventure....


Emma Rose said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad your Mom was able to escape that MAGGIE-dog and get home safely. My Duchess has been through St. George many times but she has never been to New York :)
Your snow in Central Park looks really inviting and we all loved the snowman and snowdog! How cute :) Have a great day and enjoy your Mom.

Emma Rose

JackDaddy said...

Oh my, Maggie is very pretty! And what a great job for a puppy! I hope she is saving all the money she gets paid!!

But I'm glad your Mom finally got back home, so she could see all the snow!

Alex93andme said...

What an adventure!! Luckily your Mom was able to escape and come back home! I know you are very happy to have her back!

Audrey the Photographer Dog said...

Wow, it looks beautiful where she went! And Maggie doesn't look so bad. Glad you at least had a nice time while she was away, and that she is home safe and sound!

Samantha said...

Well there is only one thing you can do to get back at this Maggie dog. Now you have to steal her humans!!

I love your snowdog - at least you still had fun for christmas!

Pigtown-Design said...

Wow! It's lucky your mom escaped back to civilization! I love the picture of Maggie on the old woman's lap. It's lovely.

Ben said...

Abbey -
Momnappin' is a very serious crime - but Maggie does look like she will send your Mom back. And oh the lovely time you had with Due.

Southern Utah girl said...

I love your blog, it's just adorable. Maggie is a not such a bad doggie- she just loves the spot light. I love her owner :)

Farley said...

It is truly shocking that your Momma was kidnapped! Thank goodness you got to spend her absence with Due. Even though she took you Mom, I gotta say, I love the pictures of Maggie doing her therapy. Adorable...


Abbey, First of all, this mom-napping stuff is not true. Your Mom was so sad that she couldn't bring you with her to Utah that I had to use all my stuff to make her happy. Now she's gone and I really miss her; I keep checking her bedroom but she's not here. Anyways, take care and have a Happy New Year!

Sierra Rose said...

Oh yeaoooooo! Snowman and snow doggie! Very neat.
Glad mom got to visit her family and you to stay with Due. We bet you had the most funnest time!
Great post!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Fenway said...

Remember...there's ONLY ONE ABBEY and your Mom knows it. She came back to you after all, right?

I'm sure Maggie only made her miss you more!

Your pal,

Matters of Style said...

Adorable! Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Loved hearing about your Craigslist find the other day!

Sam said...

I'm sure your Mom missed you at every moment!

Sam and Cisco