Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Beautiful Saturday

It's coming....Spring that is...

There are still patches of snow in Central Park - but they are
smaller and smaller every day.

Sunshine or snow....we have a great time getting out and about.

We met some new friends....

Explored and stiffed our way around....

Even found one last patch of snow to spin in!

Mom took some video of us - and once she figures out how to edit and post it....we will share it with you. In the meantime - we're taking our annual "stay-cation". Due is staying with us for the week while his folks enjoy a little ski-cation. I hear that in between gathering Tax Info, and cleaning/organizing closets....there's talk of treat making, extra Park adventures, and all round fun. Now that I've mentioned it on the blog - I guess that means Mom has to follow through.


Ben said...

Nothin' better than havin' a sleep over. Just remember - I am watchin' you...I wanna see treat makin' and big adventures.

Alex93andme said...

It looks like spring is coming here too and I'm sure hoping that is true. Your photos are great and I know it was good to meet some new friends and exlore and sniff all of the world's newspapers that doggie's leave behind!! Oh..just because mom said all of that does it really mean she has to do it? There is a big box in my closet that I've said I was going to go through since I bought this house and that was's still sitting in there. Oh well...someday...maybe! Glad you had a great day!!! Hopefully more on the way! Love, Debbie and Hollydog

Emma Rose said...

Tax info and clean closets don't sound like too much fun. But treat making sounds really yummy!

Emma Rose