Monday, March 15, 2010

The Creative Process

I’ve been keeping on eye on Mom to see exactly how she comes up with her ideas for Central Bark Designs pet (really dog) placemats….this is what I found out.

It starts with inspiration. Sometimes that comes from one of the many design magazines she curls up with – sometimes something we see in a Madison Avenue store window – and sometimes – it comes from the blogs we like to read.

This is the story of the creation of our newest design, The Greenwich Village Bone.

It all started when we spotted some great home texiles on Pigtown Design’s blog.

Then it’s time to doodle on a sketch pad….first we have to figure out how to add the “dog” element to it. That’s either a bone or paw.

After coming up with the basic concept – it’s time to try it out on canvas. We (Mom – no thumbs here) – sketch the entire design to see if it works…then it’s time to paint.

First the background. And yes – we paint over a lot of the initial sketch - but we now know what we’re looking for….

Then we add the colors in layers. Sometimes with a dark background like this one – we need to use a lighter base so the colors will pop.

Next comes the detailing…..

Then we varnish….And hem…..

I supervise all steps of the operation...

And finally – coat with bowling alley paste wax to protect it from drippy water dogs….I’ve had mine for five years – so it must work!

Of course if we haven’t named the design now we stare at it (a glass of wine helps) and come up with which NYC neighborhood or landmark best describes the design…

(Due’s Mom is genius at this step….she’s named most of our designs).

This one felt a little Boho Chic from the start….perfect for Greenwich Village!

We’ve been busy this week coming up with new designs for our 2010 Collection….

The Canal Street Bone

The Lexington Avenue Bone

The Columbus Circle Bone

And the Radio City Dancing Bones!

All this creating is exhausting!

Check out all of our designs at!


Alex93andme said...

The placements are really beautiful!!! I can see that the supervising doggies really were worn out from the work!! Debbie and Holly

Ben said...

Most excellent work.- 5 years really? I understand why you need a nap after all that work - bet the wine made you a bit sleepy too.

Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks for the mention! I love that you found the inspiration for a New York dog from an Indian print!

1000 Goldens said...

Beautiful job, your Mom is very talented Abbey!

Sierra Rose said...

Wow!! So great to see the steps, and such amazing creations!
Love the bowling alley wax finish.
Abbey, you and Due are such a marvelous pair! :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Sam said...

Wow! That is really amazing!