Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Secret Crush

I guess if I'm blogging about it - the SECRETS OUT!
Good thing Due can't read!


Don't get me wrong. I do NOT consider myself a 2-timing hussy (Due - I still love you).

I have NEVER actually cheated on Due - but I have admired BEN from afar. Fine - I hear that's often referred to as "emotional infidelity" - get over it - I'M A DOG!
(Mom's got her Clooney thing...I've got my Ben thing).
I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Ben even drew a lovely Valentine for me at the beach and posted it on his blog.

BEN lives 3,000 miles away - in a wonderful land filled with surf, sand and sunshine. Since Mom grew up in Southern California - she has assured me that SAN DIEGO is indeed - almost heaven.

What makes Ben so fascinating (besides his drop dead gorgeous red-headed looks of course) his character. He's smart, he's charming, and most of all - he makes me laugh. (Yea I know - sounds like Clooney). Ben has an amazing story. He, his golden brothers, and more importantly - his peeps - are awe inspiring.

Here is the short version of Ben's story.

BEN was hit by a car just days before Christmas of 2008. His original people (or as I like to think of them, "Pond Scum with Legs")....did not take Ben to the vets...FOR 3 DAYS. (Gee - so sorry his little accident got in the way of your holiday plans). So 3 days later - with a broken leg and an infection that is getting worse by the hour ...they - in true "Pond Scum" fashion, sign him over to the vet.... as in..."here, you take care of him, we're outta here".

Fortunately the Vet (Dr. Burns...who I bet looks like George Clooney) - contacts the Southern California Golden Retriever (SCGR) Rescue - who literally "came to the rescue".

Ben (Hogan) goes home with his foster peeps...who have already have 3 golden boys of their own. Lance (Armstrong), Tiger (Woods) and Coop (as in Cooperstown). After months of surgeries and meds, cones and vet visits - the decision is made that for Ben "Life is Better on 3 Legs than 4". He joins the world of tri-paws and shows all of us what one can do with a positive attitude.

Now BEN is living the good life. His Foster Peeps (and their 3 golden guys) took a vote - and in a unanimous decision decided that BEN should be a permanent member of the family. So now he's got 3 brothers, gets to go to work with Mom, LIVES IN THE LAND OF SUNSHINE. Sweet. (And of course he has me....pining over him from the big city)

Ben's peeps do a lot of work with another amazing organization, Homeward Bound.
It's like the underground railroad of golden rescues. A network of Angles pick up goldens and transport them to the nearest foster home or rescue organization. Ben's peeps continue to foster additional pups in their home.

If you have the too can help save another Ben.

Check out Ben's blog, and you just might fall in love....just remember...hands off - he's mine!

Thanks to Ben's Mom for sending us these photos to include in my blog post.
Of course I might just might put my copies on the fridge!
****NOTE From Mom - yes- the font size is all over the place in this post -
I tried to fix it. Can't figure it out. UGH!


Sam said...

Mom's got a few worse names for people that would leave their dogs. Mom's a real lady too - it would shock you to hear what she calls them! Thank goodness for Ben's parents!


the booker man said...

there are some mean and stoopid hoomans out there. i'm so glad mr. ben has a most excellent family now. i can see why you have a crush on him, miss abbey. he is pretty handsome and stuff. :)
the booker man

Alex93andme said...

What horrible people to do that to dear Ben...just leave him. You know what happens to people like that. I don't blame you for having a crush on Ben...he is beautiful!!! Put those pictures on the refrigertor..he is gorgous and I'm so glad he now has a wonderful family. Love, Debbie and Holly

1000 Goldens said...

It impossible not to love Ben... we are sure Due would understand. His parents are the best!!