Thursday, August 20, 2009


"CENTRAL PARK HAS BEEN DEVASTATED", Andrian Bebepe, New York City Parks Commissioner.

All of you who follow my blog know that the only thing I love more than Due, and almost as much as Mom - is my beloved Central Park.

When Mom got back from the Park on Tuesday night, we knew the storm was bad. We could see the flashing and hear the crack of the lightening, we (Mom) jumped at the claps of thunder that seem to go on forever. We had no idea how damaging it was. Over 200 trees were felled or severely damaged in Central Park. Beautiful trees, American Elms, Pin Oak, Chestnuts, and Tulips - many estimated to be 80-100 years old.

I know this is a "dog blog", but a great deal of this dog's life is centered around our adventures in Central Park. The destruction suffered by our Park is heartbreaking to us.

Mom and I also know that times are tough all over - and everyone has a lot of good causes they support. IF you can - please think about donating to the Central Park Conservatory.

The Conservatory has been operating on a reduced budget since January, they need our help now more than ever. I know I like to brag about Central Park being MY Park - but it really does belong to everyone who lives AND visits this beautiful city.

Mom and I are hoping to make it to the Park on Saturday (weather permitting). We'll give you an update on the clean up efforts. The Park will comeback - this is New York afterall - a little wind is not going to keep us down!


J WARD said...


Sorry to hear about your park, My Dad did join the CPC as a Gardener, but I don't know how he will get his rake and shovel there from Utah

Your Cousin Maggie

PS: Looks like I am going to be a Hospice Dog, really looking forward to a new adventure

Sam said...

I am so sorry to hear about your park. Maybe you could help plant a tree? It would be a wonderful tribute to your garden!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

We are so sorry that Central Park has been damaged. Yes, it is your park, but that place is kinda of a national treasure, too. Hope things are betters on Saturday. Maybe you can show us an update photo?

central bark designs said...

Mom and I are going to try to head out early before the rain tomorrow morning. We will do a little recon and post photos of what we find.

Farley said...

So sorry to hear about your beautiful park Abbey :o(