Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rescue ME!

Well – not ME exactly– but I did want to mention the great work pet rescue organizations are doing around the country. My dear love, DUE is a rescue dog. In fact he was in a kill shelter and his days were numbered when Tom and Deborah rescued him.

Oh Due, Isn't he one handsome devil!

ALL dogs take a little work - but the amount of love you get in return is 10 fold - make that 1000 fold (at least that's what Mom keeps reminding herself when I come home from Central Park - covered in mud - again!) Rescue dogs may come from homes where they were abused or mistreated - all they need is a little love.

If you, or someone you know is looking for a companion pet – think about looking at the shelters in your area. You can register online at and they will send you updates on available dogs in your area. You can list the size, sex and even breed and age of dog you're looking for. Mom has a thing for goldens - we checked out the Petfinders website the other day - just doing research of course - we found TWO golden/lab puppies - girls - 10 weeks old at the Charlottesville, VA ASPCA. Although we don't have room in our tiny NYC apartment for 2 more golden girls - I wish we did.

Adopting a shelter dog is not the only way to help. If you are just thinking about getting a dog - and maybe want to "try it on for size", FOSTER a dog! Fostering a dog will remove them from the kill shelters, helping not only the dog you are fostering - but making room in shelters for more dogs - doing so can save a life. You "foster" the dog until a permanent home is found. If you are in the New York area - take a look at Foster Dogs NYC. This wonderful blog is updated daily. Make it one of your favorite blogs and get the latest profiles. Check out the stories, fall in love with a dog! SAVE A LIFE!

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Sierra Rose said...

Great post!!!
Please find The Bumpass Hounds from Almost Heaven Rescue...listed here on DWB...also a wonderful organization!!!

Nice to meet you!!!
Come on by anytime.

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Sarah said...

Agreed, wonderful post! Please make sure to check out
for some wonderful doggies in need of some love and a foster home!