Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who's Al Fresco anyway?

Tonight was another first. I joined Mom and Aunt Dana for a little sidewalk dining at our neighborhood Irish pub, Parnell's on First @ 53rd. Mom first stopped into Parnell's when she was scouting the neighborhood before we moved into our apartment. She knew she found the perfect spot when she walked in and they had the Red Sox game on.

Being a Sox fan in NYC can be trying. Trust me. During the season I proudly wear a Red Sox collar amongst all the Yankee fans - and a few Mets fans. (Yes - this past weekend was more difficult than others - let's not dwell on the sweep. - We'll see you in October)

Sidewalk seating is located on the 53rd Street side of the pub. We found a table in the back corner so I had plenty of room to stretch out without getting in the way. Besides - now I could keep my eye on all the action.

Our server took great care of me. When Mom asked for a little ice, I never imagined I'd get my own BOWL - filled to the brim with ice cubes! Of course - I would have really liked to share in one of the cheeseburgers I saw brought to our table. Mom explained to me there was no BACON involved - and this was not Central Park. Apparently my table treats are limited to our Saturday morning brunch!

Bacon or not - I'm just glad I got to join in on the evening's outing. The perfect way to relax at the end of another long day.

Saturday will be here soon - and so will another adventure....

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STELLAandHODGE said...

I just came across your blog in the etsy forums. I LOVE it. So cute. I am such a huge dog lover and all the dogs I've even been lucky enough to have in my life all talked, writing is even better! I'll be following your blog from here on

central bark designs said...

Thanks for reading our blog. Abbey loves being a NY dog and its fun to share her adventures!