Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ha! Rules Apply to You Too...MOM!

First off – let’s just say I was NOT a happy camper last night.

Mom dashes in from work and is in a BIG hurry. I don’t get a proper walk – but a quick spin in the cul-de-sac. Hmmm. What’s the rush?

Back in the apartment she starts throwing things in a boat bag – umbrella, baseball cap, the camera, a blanket..there's a quick phone call to Aunt Dana….HA – we’re going to Central Park!! Midweek!!

But wait, Mom tosses me a cookie and heads out by herself…without me. I DON’T THINK SO PEOPLE.

Turns out Mom and Aunt Dana were going to the (7th Annual) Central Park Film Festival. And they didn’t take me. Funny thing – seems they didn’t do their research. When they arrive at site – they found a list of RULES…

Now I’m not going to tell on them – but apparently they were in violation for more than one of the above listed rules (and we KNOW it wasn’t the one that said NO PETS).

So instead of watching “Sex and The City” they had their picnic on the benches lining the Mall – and then headed home.

All was not lost – by leaving early – Mom was home before the huge summer thunderstorm. Complete with thunder, lightening, and lots of fallen branches in my Park.

So the lessons we can all take away from this….

1) Never go to Central Park without me

2) Do a little research before attending any event – find out the EXACT location and if it’s in a theater (or playground with bleachers) – you probably shouldn’t lug beach chairs all the way to the park, and rethink your beverage packaging and serving options (oops – did I just spill the beans).

Here's hoping for a break in the August heatwave! AND here's hoping Hurricane Bill stays far out in the Atlantic and leaves my Park alone! (Not to mention my friends in the Carolinas and those on the Cape and the Islands).

Until our next adventure....

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Scout 'n Freyja said...

We are all for rule number one!

Farley said...

Abbey, that really looked like an excellent event, aside from the no pet rule. What trip to the park is complete without a dog?

Thank you for visiting us, I LOVE the title of your blog, and your Mom's placemats are adorable. We will add you to our blogroll!

Take care, Farley