Friday, October 30, 2009

My Fair Jeter

I am constitutionally opposed to dogs wearing clothes - of any kind. No coats. (If it's cold - we have fur. If it's raining - we get wet - WE'RE DOGS PEOPLE.) Don't get me started on those booties. And above all..NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

Mom is well aware of this - however - since we're on the Board of the local dog run - and there's a Halloween Party tomorrow afternoon, she is foolishly convinced that we (meaning I) need to participate in the whole "costume" thing. NOT HAPPY.

Mom thought we should embrace the whole "World Series Fever" happening in NYC. Since she lost the bet to our Doormen and I had to give up my Red Sox collar for pinstripes - she decided we (meaning I) should go all out. She came up with the idea of a Yankee T-shirt - kid size. At least that's not some silly costume, and I can pass on the t-shirt to my buddy Ryan (he's my size - but of the 2-legged people breed). I hear if the t-shirt didn't work - Mom was willing to go with a JERSEY. (OK - I admit - that would have been cool).
There are many reasons we picked Jeter. He lives in the neighborhood, he's Aunt Jaime's favorite (I hear she dog-sat me just to walk me around the 'hood on a Jeter-hunt), and then of course - he's The Captain. Fine - he's drop-dead gorgeous - like you didn't know that!

Still not on board with the whole "dogs with clothes" thing. After we tried it on to make sure it would work - Mom took me for a walk to show one of our favorite doormen, Mike. That meant going outside and I really didn't want to do that. What if other dogs saw me. They might laugh. I know I would! Well one look at me in my Yankee-gear and Mike gave me a great big smile - and lots of pets - so I guess it was worth it.
I hope you are all enjoying these photos. I am starting to think that this blog is merely a way of documenting my various humiliations. I think I might need to find a good lawyer. This cruel and unusual punishment has got to stop. There's got to be a harassment suit in here somewhere. In the meantime - I'm thinking this sad face may be enough for a Sunday afternoon bake-fest! Hmmmmm.

P.S. I hear Mom's idea of a "costume" for herself - she gets to wear her Red Sox hat - Whatever - at least MY Yankees are still playing baseball....while your Red Sox are already on vacation! HA!


Sierra Rose said...

You look GOOOOOOOOOD! Nice costume. It ain't too fancy, looks comfy....Jeter!
Have a super fun time!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Farley said...

You are a good girl to tolerate the costume thing for Momma's event. You do look cute in your jersey, you really do :)

Ben said...

Abbey, I am in love. Nothin better than a girl wearing a Yankee outfit.
Now on to the abuse- I agree us dogs don't need to dress up all silly so peeps and other dogs can point and laugh.
BUT if your peeps are going to dress up at least your mom picked a righteous outfit for ya, my momma said the only bettter outfit would be Bucky Dent. GO Yankees 1 down 3 to go.

central bark designs said...

Ben - I don't know what it is - but when I read your msg to Mom - the name "Bucky Dent" made her shudder. I think I saw a tear. I may have embraced my new hometown team - but I think Mom is still clinging to her Sox. I don't know why - they always disappoint her this time of year.

Sam said...

I'll admit daily dog clothes are silly, but the occasional custume? Great! Especially when all doggies look so cute in them!