Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reason # 37 "Why We Love Central Park"

WET GRASS on cool autumnal mornings.

There are thousands of reasons why I love Central Park. I thought I would share the top 100 with you in no particular order. (OK - you all know Mom is making up this order on the fly)

Reason # 37...
There is something wonderful about zooming around and then diving/rolling in the wet grass that makes this dog's heart go pitter - patter (Or maybe that's Due?) . I thought I'd let you in on the various stages of our delight.

First - you warm up with the "Solo Roll"

Next comes "The Spin Move"

Followed by "The Takedown"

Which is just before "The Surrender"
....and then we rest.

Until our next adventure....

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Farley's Mom said...

This is adorable, I especially loved "the surrender." Nice work Abbey :)

Fenway said...

I'm really glad you found my blog and am happy you are my new friend!

Ms. Alpha is a native NY'er (Babylon) and adores NYC. Central Park sounds like a fine play place. In fact, I've heard something about a Sheep Meadow and think I'd feel right at home there! We love your rock & roll in the grass are a beautiful and happy girl.

Tell your mom to keep wearin' her Sox gear! We can't wait to see ARod do his usual October collapse...he's been batting about .112 in the playoffs for the last couple of years. heehee!

SEDONA said...

Hi Abbey! I saw your blog link on Sierra's blog and thought I'd come by say hello, seeing as we're almost neighbors! I live in Westchester.
My family lived in the city for a year (before I came along, 55th & Broadway) and your pics of the Central Park zoo brought back fond human took the twin toddlers there every day.
Hope you come by and check me out sometime!
Your new pal,

Ben said...

You are my kinda girl - you know how to have FUN!!! Was your rumble in the early morning or had it rained? Your coat is looking a little wet....

central bark designs said...

Ben - It was the best of both worlds. It rained the day before - AND we went in the morning so there was still morning dew on the (already wet) grass. Many people stopped us and laughed saying "we know who went swimming" and Mom felt she had to explain it was just from the grass - there was no illegal lake/fountain diving involved!

Fenway & Sedona - welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures - and I hope they make you smile! - Abbey