Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trash Treasures....NYC Style

Now you would THINK if someone in this household was picking up trash off the sidewalks of NYC - it would be me - NOT SO FAST.
I get in trouble when I find something delicious and delectable (like a chicken wing) that I want to snag off the sidewalk. My collar is yanked and I hear the dreaded NOOOOOOO - but when Mom finds something she finds irresistible - she grabs it. Not only is it OK - it's celebrated. How unfair is that?

Take this vintage oak desk chair. We were out for my evening walk one night - and there it was. Discarded on the sidewalk of a charming townhouse with the rest of the day's trash. Mom pulls it out - gives it the once over. It's sturdy. A little water damage - but some sanding and a new coat of varnish can fix that. She wheels it home and I have to walk right there beside her like it's normal behavior. HOW HUMILIATING.
Mom tries to justify this behavior by explaining that 1) It's good to be green. Why let perfectly usable furniture end up in the landfill when we can use it at home; 2) Vintage is always better. They just don't make things like they use to. This is a solid piece of craftsmanship (or so I'm told) and 3) IT'S FREE. Even in good economic times - why waste money. And we all know times are tough. We're trying to save where we can - and it's hard to argue with FREE FURNITURE.

Now let's be truthful here - this is NOT the first time. Several months ago when we where with Due and his Mom, we left the dog park one morning and walked home "the long way". Which just means we go around an extra block. This path takes us on the backside of a post-war co-op that was once home to Truman Capote, Walter Cronkite and the Robert K. Kennedy Family (when he was the junior Senator from New York.) Mom had been doing research on French chairs. She wanted either bentwood or woven rattan bistro chairs for our little dining area. Something that looked like it came right off the sidewalks of Paris. Right there - not one - but TWO rush seat french country chairs. (Not exactly bistro - but French none the less). Mom grabbed one - Due's Mom grabbed the other - and we just walked along pretending not to notice that now the 2 of them were walking chairs & dogs....all the way home.
It is pretty amazing what people throw out. It's a good thing we have a small apartment. I don't think we can fit any more chairs in here. Mom said if we had a dining room - she'd like to fill the table with "NYC TRASH CHAIRS". All different styles - all different stories - maybe painted the same color (high gloss black or cream) with the same fabric seats....just an idea.

It's been raining all week - and I'm still waiting for my YANKEES collar to wear for the World Series. I was hoping it would get here today. When it comes I'll have Mom take some photos. Saturday will be busy. Looks like the rain will hold off so that means CENTRAL PARK in the morning and we have a Halloween Party at the Dog Run in the afternoon. Sunday is the NYC Marathon. Lots of people around. And of course - the WORLD SERIES. I think I'm going as Jeter to the Halloween Party!

Until our next adventure.....


Emma Rose said...

Great find! That desk chair is so cool - and so are the other two. Your Mom has a good eye, so try to be patient with her. Actually, you can be proud of her too. She did great!

Emma Rose

Ben said...

That is a great shoppin' trip. Nothin' better than great free stuff. Total double standard that you aren't allowed to snag free stuff to bring home too.

GO YANKEES - the series is all tied. I am sure we would be up 2-0 if you had your nice new collar. I can't wait to see your Jeter outfit.


Farley said...

That is the best Abbey! The desk chair is beautiful. The bistro chairs were obviously meant to be your Mom's, since Due was with you and they could each carry one :) Good job!

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! I have to admit I put out some pretty fine things on trash day and they're always gone within minutes! Sometimes I just put a "free" ad on Craig's List and let people come and get things. We waste so much that it's always good to recycle!

Go Yankees!

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The Matters of Style Girls said...

Amazing what you find on the street in NY! I guess it's just too difficult to take it to a donation center since not many people have cars? I am a little jealous when I hear of people's great finds!