Friday, October 16, 2009


Bring it on! For those of you in beautiful may have your Santa Ana winds...brush fires....and the seasonal mudslides that follow the winds and the fires....but from Virginia to Maine we have the dreaded NOR'EASTER.

This is usually a winter - early spring weather pattern...but we are now in the midst of our first Nor'Easter of the season....AND IT'S CRAFT SHOW WEEKEND!!!

Mom & I had a chat - I've persuaded her to go ahead with the show. It hasn't been cancelled - she's already prepared for bad weather with plastic drop cloths to make tent walls, etc. and after all - even if the crowds are thinner that we might have wanted - it will be a good experience to set up the booth, meet the other artists, and get our pet place mats out there! Besides - if the storm keeps the crowds away - that just leaves more DOG BISCUITS FOR ME (& Due of course). I see this as a win win situation!

So wish us luck. The storm seems pretty light at the moment. I hear it will be calm enough for the Yankees game tonight...and then the deluge begins...we'll see. I think the whole thing will blow over...the sun will come out...AND there might be a couple of leftover biscuits for optimistic dogs who keep the whole thing running!

And speaking of the Yankee Game - Mom really needs to stop making bets at my expense. I hear there's a bet on the table with little sis (they were raised in Orange County, CA). Something about if the Angles win (the series) I have to wear an Angles New York...I DON'T THINK SO. Come on Jeter....don't let me down!


Ben said...

Paws crossed that the weather holds for the craft show and that you don't have to wear no stinkin' LAA gear. GO YANKEES!!!

Ps. Reallly, I could care less about baseball, after all what self respecting dog wants to watch balls go into the air that they can't chase? But my momma is an east coast transplant...

Sierra Rose said...

Oh! We'll do a sun dance for you out here in NorCal. Can you do clear plastic sheets over the nice placemats to keep them protected?
We've had lots of wet and muck lately...remenanst of the typhoon.
Best wishes for the show!!!!!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Emma Rose said...

LOL. Not an Angels collar!!!
Hope your weather holds off till after your show.

Emma Rose

Sam said...

I hope your show was a success and you have had a wonderful day! ...and yes, a few extra treat bones are always wonderful!


central bark designs said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Mom is ready for a monsoon. We have plastic dropcloths to make walls out of. It will be like building a fort! We'll make covers for the tables and print racks just in case. I asked Mom to take lots of photos since I'm staying home (and dry). We promises to share with all of us after the show.

Sierra Rose - we might be coming out for Art Bark Fest next Sept. Will let you know!

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Oh no! Fingers and paws crossed for good (or not wet) weather. GO YANKEES! (Although I always was a Mets fan...)

Miley said...

Good luck at your show, I'll try to keep the bad weather here with me for as long as I can!!! Wishing you much success!!!

lotsa licks,

Farley said...

We sure hope it all worked out with your craft show. Hopefully a lot of people went, since they couldn't do outdoor activities!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope your show went well! I'm originally from Ma., so I know a thing or two about those storms!!