Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

Something tells me I have a bath in my future...-Abbey


Ben said...

Glad to see you outside and having fun again - after the evil greyhound owner altercation, can't blame the dogs. Hope you are gearing up to watch the Yankees in the playoffs.

central bark designs said...

Oh Ben -

I do love getting out and about - but haven't I told you - I proudly wear my BoSox collar here in NYC. Much to the disbelief of my beloved Yankee loving doorman. In fact Mom lost a bet to one of our doorman ( sweep once - but twice -REALLY...and the bet means I now have to wear a YANKEE collar - Fenway - don't hate me - I didn't make the bet - Mom did. Go Jeter!

SGR said...

Woof! Abbey You sure did had lots of FUN FUN. Well, That a life being a dog especially a golden retriever. YAH! Go Yankees!!! Well, today is my 1st year blog anniversary and just want to thank you for your friendship. Lots of Golden Thanks. Woof! Sugar

Sam said...

Run! Run, Abbey! Baffs are never good! Sam will hide you!