Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's going to be a busy weekend. We have Central Park, errands, a Halloween party, college football on Saturday, NFL Sunday, Mom needs to cook, clean the apartment, do the laundry, bake my biscuits and whip up a batch of dog food. Oh - and let's not forget the World Series. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I forgot - there's a marathon as well. Why anyone would want to run 26 miles is beyond me - is Bacon involved?

First things first....the weekly Central Park Romp.... we run.....
We rest while those silly people run behind us. (Seriously - if you're doing 26 miles on Sunday - how many do you run on Saturday? )
The grass was a little wet. The day started with a misty rain. It didn't stop us from our Park Adventure - Mom said to make believe we're in Dublin - something about an Irish Mist makes her happy. (I don't even pretend to understand that one).

I got a little wet - and Tom was the only one who would pet me. Thanks Buddy - I know who my REAL friends are. (FYI - I got Deborah back by planting a big muddy paw smack-dab in the front of her WHITE shirt while the peeps were having coffee - HA!)
After brunch (Bacon and biscuits included) Mom wanted to head to The Mall to get a pretty "fall" photo. Due and I thought it was the perfect place for another romp....and once again - those silly runners just race right by us - where are they going?
And we rest...again.
Errands on the way home. Then a nap - I think Mom will have to take care of the rest of that "to-do" list without me. Well with the exception of the party, and the biscuits and maybe watching some football.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Fair Jeter

I am constitutionally opposed to dogs wearing clothes - of any kind. No coats. (If it's cold - we have fur. If it's raining - we get wet - WE'RE DOGS PEOPLE.) Don't get me started on those booties. And above all..NO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES.

Mom is well aware of this - however - since we're on the Board of the local dog run - and there's a Halloween Party tomorrow afternoon, she is foolishly convinced that we (meaning I) need to participate in the whole "costume" thing. NOT HAPPY.

Mom thought we should embrace the whole "World Series Fever" happening in NYC. Since she lost the bet to our Doormen and I had to give up my Red Sox collar for pinstripes - she decided we (meaning I) should go all out. She came up with the idea of a Yankee T-shirt - kid size. At least that's not some silly costume, and I can pass on the t-shirt to my buddy Ryan (he's my size - but of the 2-legged people breed). I hear if the t-shirt didn't work - Mom was willing to go with a JERSEY. (OK - I admit - that would have been cool).
There are many reasons we picked Jeter. He lives in the neighborhood, he's Aunt Jaime's favorite (I hear she dog-sat me just to walk me around the 'hood on a Jeter-hunt), and then of course - he's The Captain. Fine - he's drop-dead gorgeous - like you didn't know that!

Still not on board with the whole "dogs with clothes" thing. After we tried it on to make sure it would work - Mom took me for a walk to show one of our favorite doormen, Mike. That meant going outside and I really didn't want to do that. What if other dogs saw me. They might laugh. I know I would! Well one look at me in my Yankee-gear and Mike gave me a great big smile - and lots of pets - so I guess it was worth it.
I hope you are all enjoying these photos. I am starting to think that this blog is merely a way of documenting my various humiliations. I think I might need to find a good lawyer. This cruel and unusual punishment has got to stop. There's got to be a harassment suit in here somewhere. In the meantime - I'm thinking this sad face may be enough for a Sunday afternoon bake-fest! Hmmmmm.

P.S. I hear Mom's idea of a "costume" for herself - she gets to wear her Red Sox hat - Whatever - at least MY Yankees are still playing baseball....while your Red Sox are already on vacation! HA!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trash Treasures....NYC Style

Now you would THINK if someone in this household was picking up trash off the sidewalks of NYC - it would be me - NOT SO FAST.
I get in trouble when I find something delicious and delectable (like a chicken wing) that I want to snag off the sidewalk. My collar is yanked and I hear the dreaded NOOOOOOO - but when Mom finds something she finds irresistible - she grabs it. Not only is it OK - it's celebrated. How unfair is that?

Take this vintage oak desk chair. We were out for my evening walk one night - and there it was. Discarded on the sidewalk of a charming townhouse with the rest of the day's trash. Mom pulls it out - gives it the once over. It's sturdy. A little water damage - but some sanding and a new coat of varnish can fix that. She wheels it home and I have to walk right there beside her like it's normal behavior. HOW HUMILIATING.
Mom tries to justify this behavior by explaining that 1) It's good to be green. Why let perfectly usable furniture end up in the landfill when we can use it at home; 2) Vintage is always better. They just don't make things like they use to. This is a solid piece of craftsmanship (or so I'm told) and 3) IT'S FREE. Even in good economic times - why waste money. And we all know times are tough. We're trying to save where we can - and it's hard to argue with FREE FURNITURE.

Now let's be truthful here - this is NOT the first time. Several months ago when we where with Due and his Mom, we left the dog park one morning and walked home "the long way". Which just means we go around an extra block. This path takes us on the backside of a post-war co-op that was once home to Truman Capote, Walter Cronkite and the Robert K. Kennedy Family (when he was the junior Senator from New York.) Mom had been doing research on French chairs. She wanted either bentwood or woven rattan bistro chairs for our little dining area. Something that looked like it came right off the sidewalks of Paris. Right there - not one - but TWO rush seat french country chairs. (Not exactly bistro - but French none the less). Mom grabbed one - Due's Mom grabbed the other - and we just walked along pretending not to notice that now the 2 of them were walking chairs & dogs....all the way home.
It is pretty amazing what people throw out. It's a good thing we have a small apartment. I don't think we can fit any more chairs in here. Mom said if we had a dining room - she'd like to fill the table with "NYC TRASH CHAIRS". All different styles - all different stories - maybe painted the same color (high gloss black or cream) with the same fabric seats....just an idea.

It's been raining all week - and I'm still waiting for my YANKEES collar to wear for the World Series. I was hoping it would get here today. When it comes I'll have Mom take some photos. Saturday will be busy. Looks like the rain will hold off so that means CENTRAL PARK in the morning and we have a Halloween Party at the Dog Run in the afternoon. Sunday is the NYC Marathon. Lots of people around. And of course - the WORLD SERIES. I think I'm going as Jeter to the Halloween Party!

Until our next adventure.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Everyone has their own idea about what makes the perfect day. This is mine. It starts with a romp in Central Park with my best friend, Due....
Then a dip in a mud puddle when nobody is paying attention....
Followed by brunch (with BACON) at the Boathouse Cafe. Although for some reason today I was leashed up and no one wanted to snuggle with me. Do you think it was the mud?

Central Park is always beautiful - but I think it's absolutely stunning in the fall. Seriously - sometimes when I look around I can't believe how lucky I am. I get to call this my home!
Of course Mom wanted the picture postcard shot with me in it - I think she was hoping for a clean dog - instead of the "I'm so happy I'm covered in mud" look I was workin' today!

Approaching The Mall with our friends it looked like we were getting ready to head out of the Park.
We met up with some friends from the neighborhood, Max and Sammy. They were proving the point that you can walk and chew a stick at the same time - together!
And I had to explain to Aunt D that it was NOT time to leave - not yet - just another hour please!
I lost that battle. We did leave - and I got a bath as soon as we got home. Apparently mud soaked dogs don't go with the decor!

We hope you enjoyed your Sunday - now it's time for some football, then a little baseball...have I mentioned this is the PERFECT day!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Newest Pal

Welcome the newest member of my gang. The Beaver. Shiny coat, big flat tail - could be fun.
I thought it was time I introduce you to my Gang. I asked Mom to gather them all together for a group photo. I admit - not everyone made the photo - Mr. Hedgehog, Froggy and the football are still in the basket - oh well.

When we moved to NYC 3 years ago - Mom thought I had outgrown the childish notion of "toy pets" and somehow my buddies didn't make it in the packup. WHAT WAS SHE THINKING!!! Fortunately our new neighbors across the hall set Mom straight and started my new collection.
First up - My favs. "Teddy". He's a lobster Mom brought back from her travels to Boston. - And Yes - we named him for the Senator. He makes a "plop plop plop" noise - like he's sinking in water---a big pot of boiling water - (Did I mention Mom loves her Lobster Rolls!)
My Current #1 - Squirrel Man. He has a velco belly so you can replace a dead squeeky!
"Harvey" - yep - Jimmy Stewart fans here. You always need a Harvey in your house.
Next is "Kenne". He's not really a dog toy - Mom picked him up at The Colony in Kennebunkport, ME.
He quickly lost his nose. Oops. (Mom doesn't know - but I saw her cut off the nose - I think she was afraid I might eat it - please - unless it was coated in BACON I doubt it would have been an issue!)
"MOOOOOOSE". And yes - you have to say it that way. Kind of goofy - just like a moose. Gee, think Mom's got a thing for Maine & New England....I see a theme here...
"Mallory" - I know - girl name, boy duck. Give me a break - I'M A DOG!!! I like to take Mallory for walks - but Mom makes me leave her with the doorman.
"Rupert" - because he's a Fox!

Now it's time to get that "new" stink off of the Beaver. Can you tell I'm not trilled this turned into a Kodak Moment!
The big flat tail comes in handy when trying to swallow the entire head of a beaver!
Now I just need to come up with a name. Mom picked him up in New Jersey - I was thinking "Frankie" as in Frankie Valli, Jersey Boy. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crafts in Chelsea

The storms cleared...and the craft show went on!
Mom was ready to go - thanks to the help of Due's Mom - Deborah. In true NY fashion - Mom & Deborah made it there with all of our a cab!

We (and by that I mean Mom - but she always refers to our Central Bark endeavour as "we" - I guess I'm always with her even when she leaves me at home!)...WE were ready for the crowds. Sales were moderate but more importantly we got our brand out there and it generated a lot of interest - including 2 wholesalers.

I like that fact that MY picture was used to draw the crowd in...and it worked! Of course - the treats were a BIG hit as well. Seems they were such a success folks wanted to buy them. We even had a salon asking if we could provide them wholesale! Next show - we will continue to do the marketing give-away biscuit, but will also offer bags of treats for sale!

Thanks to everyone for their votes on our packaging. There were a lot of dogs in the crowd - and they all seemed to love my treats. (And I do mean MY treats - I couldn't believe Mom left me at home took ALL the treats with her!)

Thanks to Miley for keeping the Nor'easter in her neighborhood and to Sierra Rose for that Sun Dance. It worked. We had a few gentle showers - but nothing like the downpour predicted.

So now it's on to the Yankee Game (1 down - 3 to go). (And yes - Mom is recovering with an NCIS Marathon - thank you Mark Harmon)

P.S. - Mom brought the leftover treats home - so I let her back in the apartment!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Bring it on! For those of you in beautiful may have your Santa Ana winds...brush fires....and the seasonal mudslides that follow the winds and the fires....but from Virginia to Maine we have the dreaded NOR'EASTER.

This is usually a winter - early spring weather pattern...but we are now in the midst of our first Nor'Easter of the season....AND IT'S CRAFT SHOW WEEKEND!!!

Mom & I had a chat - I've persuaded her to go ahead with the show. It hasn't been cancelled - she's already prepared for bad weather with plastic drop cloths to make tent walls, etc. and after all - even if the crowds are thinner that we might have wanted - it will be a good experience to set up the booth, meet the other artists, and get our pet place mats out there! Besides - if the storm keeps the crowds away - that just leaves more DOG BISCUITS FOR ME (& Due of course). I see this as a win win situation!

So wish us luck. The storm seems pretty light at the moment. I hear it will be calm enough for the Yankees game tonight...and then the deluge begins...we'll see. I think the whole thing will blow over...the sun will come out...AND there might be a couple of leftover biscuits for optimistic dogs who keep the whole thing running!

And speaking of the Yankee Game - Mom really needs to stop making bets at my expense. I hear there's a bet on the table with little sis (they were raised in Orange County, CA). Something about if the Angles win (the series) I have to wear an Angles New York...I DON'T THINK SO. Come on Jeter....don't let me down!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

"Whatever you do....DON'T LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!!" - Abbey

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snuggle Time

Mom was stressing over the upcoming Craft Show (the first for Central Bark Designs) so I took control of the situation. Mark Harmon (NCIS) and a golden on your lap. Doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Baking

6 days and counting until our first craft show at "Crafts in Chelsea", Saturday, Oct. 17th at PS 11 (21st Street between 7th & 8th Avenues). We been researching craft shows and one thing that has been mentioned several times is having "something" to give away. Mom vetoed candy. (Let's face it - she has no willpower and was afraid she'd eat all the candy herself) I thought - What's a better treat - than an actual TREAT! So this afternoon Mom has been busy baking dog treats. I of course was in charge of quality control.

Our friend, Mary, owned a dog bakery in Arlington. She was kind enough to give Mom some of her secret recipes. One of my favorites is FUNNY BONES. A peanut butter bone shaped cookie. (Which works perfect for the branding of Central Bark Designs - as a bone is our logo).

First you mix.....

Then you use your best bone shaped cookie cutter...

Then place them in on a silpat mat (Mom loves these for baking cookies)...

I hang out by the stove just in case I need to check on them.....15:00 is a looong time...

Then we let them cool. I check for any that may be a little too crispy and take care of those right away....

Next is the packaging. We have 2 options and I can't decide which one is best. Let me know which one you like....

Option #1 (Personally if it were up to me I'd put 2 cookies in this bag) The tag has a picture of one of our mats on the front - and our contact information (etsy store site) on the back...

Option #2 is just one cookie - and our label. made our label stickers. It's a great company in Vermont. I think Mom went with them not only because of their excellent products (and pricing)but because they have an office dog - that happens to be a golden! How sweet is that to go with your peeps to the office every day!

Our label has both our logo - and website information.

I can't decide which one is better. Let us know what you think. Option 1 (cello bag with picture tag) or Option 2 (fry bag with sticker). All this supervising has exhausted me! I'm going to curl up with my squirrel and Mr. Bunny and call it a day....thanks for voting!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

Something tells me I have a bath in my future...-Abbey

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HIDE ME!!!!!

Mom and I went for a quick spin tonight and right there on First Avenue - IN FRONT OF EVERYONE....2 Greyhounds ATTACKED ME. Now I hate to judge - maybe they were having a difficult day....but they got away from their owner and one went for my head - one for my tail. Needless to say, Mom got a little freaked out - people were yelling (at the offending Greyhounds of course)....I was a momentary Greyhound Chew Toy. Mom protected me - she tried to shield me from the attacking hounds - momentarily forgetting that they could turn her into a chew toy as well. She finally was able to get me out of there. I hurried home pausing at the various doormen along the way for a comforting hug. I made a mad dash from the elevator to our front door where once safely inside I promptly took up position between the ottoman and the sofa where I plan to remain for the rest of the evening.

Here's a little something to remember - if you ever find yourself in a similar situation - apparently its good for unlimited biscuits and full body rubs! Yes - that's right - I'm working it for every last crumb!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reason # 37 "Why We Love Central Park"

WET GRASS on cool autumnal mornings.

There are thousands of reasons why I love Central Park. I thought I would share the top 100 with you in no particular order. (OK - you all know Mom is making up this order on the fly)

Reason # 37...
There is something wonderful about zooming around and then diving/rolling in the wet grass that makes this dog's heart go pitter - patter (Or maybe that's Due?) . I thought I'd let you in on the various stages of our delight.

First - you warm up with the "Solo Roll"

Next comes "The Spin Move"

Followed by "The Takedown"

Which is just before "The Surrender"
....and then we rest.

Until our next adventure....

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