Sunday, July 12, 2009

Viva La France

Another beautiful day in New York.

Due stayed with us last night so it was off the to Park first thing this morning.

It rained last night which meant that the grass was nice and wet this morning. Now I admit, I’m usually the one who comes out looking like a drowned rat – not this time.

Mom may have some explaining to do. Of course it was two against one this morning so we pretty much had the upper hand.

We spent most of the morning in the Park – even met up with a photographer from Texas who took some great shots of us (more on that in a later post). When we finally left the Park we were in for a great surprise…BASTILLE DAY IN NEW YORK on E. 60th Street from 5th Avenue all the way to Lexington.

It seems like you can find a different festival every week in New York, especially in the summer. They were still setting up as we made our way through so unfortunately we did not get to stop for bread or crepes.

Mom might have to go back this afternoon without us.

Another perfect summer Sunday. After 4 hours of fun – its time to get home and nap. We might work up enough energy for a movie later – then again, we might just nap.

Until the next adventure…..

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style chronicle said...

I like that last picture, Abbey. Very Patriotic.

Abbey said...

Thanks! Now if I could only get Mom to share that lovely french pastry I saw her with - life would be grand!