Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Friend

Just a quick post tonight. Mom's been busy with work this week. Something to do with a new Supreme Court she's been heading into work early....but tonight we got to meet up with my friends, Due (the boyfriend), his folks (Tom &Deborah) and my Aunt Dana.

We went to one of my favorite haunts, the 47th Street Plaza. They have a new grill - we'll have to check that out another time. Tonight I met the sweetest little girl, Matilda. I wanted to hug her as much as she hugged me! (Yep - that's Due in the background- I think he's a little jealous!)

Tomorrow morning - FARMER'S MARKET!!! Mom can't wait to get more tomatoes and basil. She's says they are the taste of summer. I'll stick with BACON, but whatever floats your boat!

Thanks to Aunt Dana for taking this picture on her blackberry. I kept telling Mom she needs to bring her camera everywhere. You never know when we'll have a "Kodak Moment".