Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet My Friends...

Just a quick post tonight as it seems like Mom is having "one of those days". We went to the Farmers Market this morning, she took lots of pics for the blog - only to discover that the media card wasn't in the camera...and apparently it's gone downhill since then. She just walked into the kitchen and realised she forgot to make my food. (I eat Dr. Harvey's - more on that in another post - it appears to be rather simple - but now it's 9pm and Mom's just starting) I said, "one of those days".

So until we go back to the Farmers Market next Wednesday, let me introduce you to some of my friends from the PDP-ARF Dog Run. This is the early crowd.

First are sisters MONTANA and MORGAN. They love to play with each other and are usually the first ones in the run at 7am!

MONTANA likes to play keep away with her bright yellow ball.
FAYE is the other early morning Golden Girl. She came all the way from Austria. She just got her summer cut....
...and ever since she got her new du....she's been very sassy! (Or just plain silly!)
More on my Dog Run Buddies later...I think Mom's burning my dinner...did I mention it's been one of those days!

Due slept in so he missed our morning playtime. We'll catch up for an early evening stroll.


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