Saturday, July 18, 2009

Splish Splash

RULES. Even Central Park has rules, and Mom insists we abide by them. One of the rules – no dogs in any body of water. Mom has informed me this applies to all fountains, ponds and lakes.

She said nothing about those temporary bodies of water that follow every rain. I’m talking about PUDDLES. Nature’s gift to water loving – rule abiding – pups like me.

Last night we had one of those true summer thunderstorms – and this morning – puddles everywhere.

Now mind you Mom still tries to steer me clear of them – but I made a quick dive – and once I’m wet – I win. And if you’re going to get wet – get really wet. Soaked to the bone – dripping in goodness WET.

And then….SHAKE.

Enjoy your weekend – I know mine got off to a great start!

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Texas Cousin - Big Bad Ben said...

Hey Abbs - what a great way too cool off. We had some summer thunder storms in TX this weekend too - but I like to just bark at the big loud thunder, and stand in the middle of my yard. My mom is always afraid I will get hit by lighting! Stay cool - Love, Cousin Benny

Mona said...

foxylady just informed me of your blog! i knew your mom from work ;) fun stuff. i can't believe that shot of you in the puddle. hilarious!! never seen anything like that before.

Abbey said...

Thanks for checking out the blog - its a lot of fun. I figure Mom can't get too upset when I do something silly as long as its good for the blog!