Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry Mom!

Just a quick post this morning. Mom's going on assignment for a few days - and I'm heading over to Due's! We've got a few things to get done this morning before we leave .

We head out for our morning stroll - and ran into Due right outside. Mom wanted (or needed) her morning iced coffee for we head to the corner bodega - I wait with Due outside, Mom joins us, (here comes the bad part) I was so excited to tell Due that I was going over to his place for a couple of days - I was jumping all over the place and knocked the iced coffee right out of Mom's hand.

Oops. Cup shattered. Mess all over the sidewalk. I don't think she even got a sip. I tried to help pick up the coffee flavored ice cubes - I have a thing for ice cubes - apparently if Mom doesn't get her coffee - I don't get the ice cubes.

Let's just say she's a little cranky. Too bad we didn't have our camera - it could have been a Kodak moment!

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