Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mom, Me & Cleopatra

Mom and I went to Central Park again today. (That makes 2 days in a row in case you're counting.)

We got a late start (it is a holiday) so by the time we made it to The Park, the off-leash hours had past. After what seems like 40 days of rain - it was just nice to be outside and enjoying the day with Mom.

We had brunch at our favorite spot (and yes, I did get a nibble of bacon - but only after Mom had finished - she has rules). After bacon and biscuits we headed north and continued through The Park until we came across a beautiful obelisk.
The sign said Cleopatra's Needle which sounded quite exotic to me. It turns out there are 3 obelisks known as Cleoplatra's Needle, One in London, one in Paris and its twin, right here in The Park.
I thought I'd check out the plaque so I could better understand what we were looking at.
There's always something new to discover. Always something to learn.
For more information on this beautiful structure check out this link below

I was exhausted and had to nap the rest of the day. Mom headed out to see The Proposal (she says I sound like Sandra Bullock when she types). When she came home, she told me she ran into Due and his parents and made another date for Central Park tomorrow. THREE DAYS IN A ROW. Now that's a record.

Hope you are enjoying a happy and healthy holiday.

Until my next adventure....

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style chronicle said...

I love the Obelisk, Abbey. You sure do have a good life. Bentley is jealous!

Texas Cousin - Big Bad Ben said...

Hi Abbey - this is your cousin Ben - I live in a great big state - TEXAS. You are so lucky to live in the city! Too bad our moms live so far away. I would love to come visit NYC sometime and you could show me all your favorite spots. I got a little scared this morning - we had lots of thunder. But I didn't want my mom to know I was scared, so I just quitely went into her closet until it past!