Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrate & Mingle!

Mom and Deborah (Due's Mom) headed to the 47th Street Plaza to celebrate al fresco style! Mom and I opened a store on to sell our hand painted pet place mats. We set up the store on July 3 - and sold our first mat on July 7 - so Deborah (and Due) took us out to celebrate.

The great thing about 47th Street - Mom & Deb get to have a bit of bubbly - and Due and I get to join them (not for the bubbly of course). We get to sit outside and relax - and visit with others. I made a friend right away. Her dog was at home - so I filled in the best I could.
She was so nice I decided to hang out at her table for awhile. Mom doesn't seem to mind as long as I stay close by. There was another table of 4 men I flirted with as well, but Mom was too shy to take a picture.

Of course the best part is being with my boyfriend, Due. My ears have been a little sore (too much swimming I think) - but Due likes to kiss them and make it all better.

We had a nice relaxing evening. Unfortunately the grill area caught fire early in the morning (4am) so for now - there are no burgers available at our favorite spot. Hopefully they will be able to replace it soon. In the meantime - we'll just relax. We're pretty good at that!

Due's staying with us this weekend!! SLEEPOVER AT ABBEY'S!! We have to behave in the apartment, apparently it's not a Dog Park - and we must respect the nice people who live below us. That's going to be a challenge since Mom sent the ottoman out for recovering - there's a wide open space in the living room that is just perfect for playing! Something tells me there will be photos - and since it's the weekend...CENTRAL PARK HERE WE COME!!!

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