Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For Capt. Chris

Mom heard from her dear friend Molly this morning. Molly's husband, Capt. Chris is currently stationed overseas. She sent him our blog - and apparently silly golden retrievers can even make Marines smile!

Aren't they a beautiful couple! This wedding picture makes us smile!

So for Capt. Chris and his's what's going on in NYC. Another beautiful summer night. Our favorite plaza is across from the United Nations HQ, and tonight there was a demonstration for democracy in Iran. A peaceful demonstration...a striking contrast from the protest footage we've seen from Iran.

We headed to the far end of the seating area to relax with our friends Deborah, and Due. The perfect way to unwind after a busy day. (Or so that what Mom says).

After about an hour it was time to go. Well, Mom said it was time to go. I strongly disagreed and decided to mount a peaceful protest of my own.

Mom won. No surprise there. But I think she felt a little guilty. We stopped in the pet store on the way home and picked up a box of biscuits. YES!!!

Until the next adventure....

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style chronicle said...

What a cute couple!! Thank Capt. Chris for all that he does for our country for me!

Maggie said...

Hi Abbey,

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy seeing all your pictures from New York and all your funny stories. Maybe someday Tutu and Huna will let me fly with them to the Big Apple to visit you and get into those water puddles with you. Being a Cavalier King Charles pup, I love the water as much as you. But where I live in St. George, Utah we don't get much rain.

Abbey said...

Thanks Maggie - You'd love NY. I'd show you all the great places in my neighborhood!