Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off To The Park

Welcome to my blog!
I moved to New York City 3 years ago and immediately fell in love.
First with my new city, then with the boy around the corner.

Some people might have thought when Mom and I left Arlington, VA where we had a great little house and a HUGE backyard it would be hard to adjust to city life. I think it was harder on Mom than on me, after all who needs a backyard when you have CENTRAL PARK!

Not only do we have Central Park (my favorite place in all of Manhattan), but we have lots of dog runs in our own neighborhoods. Being a city girl means running errands with our people (yes, I call my person, Mom...she's earned it....more on that in another blog). We get to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, the local hardware store, the post office. I've even ran a quick errand in a place called, Bloomingdale's. I had to really pay attention and behave myself.
The best thing about the summer months in the city...sidewalk cafes.
Did I mention the Wine Store, they have biscuits....just for me and my friends.

I'm going to post blogs about my adventures in this wonderful city.
I'll let you in on all the great places we get to go, and even some of the great places Mom just tells me about when she gets home.

I also want to tell you about the
the l people who live in this city. My Doormen alone are worth a blog!

So here we to The Park...

I met up with my boyfriend, Due, and we were on our way to Central Park for our standing Saturday date - but apparently the 2-legged ones had to stop to get ice coffee for the walk! We waited...

We finally made it to Central Park where we ran, we rolled,
we knocked each other silly....boy I'm exhausted!

This is my favorite hill behind the Bethesda Fountain.
I liked this photo so much I use it as my blog portrait.
Mom liked it so much she even uses it as the home screen
for her office computer. I guess there's just something
about a smiling Golden that makes her happy.

We headed to our favorite brunch spot, The Loeb Boathouse Patio.
Thought I'd hold onto the water bowl so Due didn't knock it over.
And YES, that's mud on my hip - what can I say - it was a
GOOD DAY at the Park!

I may have gotten muddy - but Due got GREEN. You can see the
close-up of his front paw below. His front paw was covered in green
after he stepped into the lake off the Bethesda Plaza. It gets
a little slimy there sometimes. Mom won't let me swim there - now
I can see WHY! (Besides - it's against the rules and we want to be good Central Park Dogs)

The sad thing is Due hates the water, but it was so green I think he thought he
was stepping on the grass. Ugh!

Due had to get a full bath when he got home to scrub the
green away. Of course, so did I...something about mud
in the house Mom's not too keen on...

It was finally time to head out...

but Due's dad, Tom is no where to be found. Du's sure he
went into that building - but is not sure he will ever return.
(There's was crying involved - I'm just sayin'...)

Due won't budge without his dad, and his mom, Deborah
is being very patient.

(Did I mention the best part of a Central Park Brunch...
there's always a BACON-op)

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