Monday, July 20, 2009

Answer for the Monday Morning Blues...

The weekend’s over and its time for Mom to head back to work…but all is not lost. I found the perfect answer to the Monday Morning Blues….Monday Night Burgers.

Mom and I headed back to one of our favorite spots, the Daj Hammarskjold Plaza on 47th Street. The same place where we go to the Greenmarket on Wednesday mornings, is home to the perfect outdoor café in the evenings. We met up with Aunt Dana to soak up the beautiful (dry) weather with the perfect breeze coming off the river.

The only problem – Mom insists that wine and burgers are only for people. So I try the old – turn my back on you and pout until I get what I want routine...

That didn’t work. So I table hop hoping to find someone else who will see things my way. No bacon, no burger bites, but lots of petting and attention from complete strangers. Works for me.

Mom and Aunt Dana enjoy their dinner. I got to enjoy being outside, meeting new friends. All in all, the perfect New York Summer night.

Until the next adventure….

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