Friday, July 24, 2009

There's a Leopard in My House!!!

Mom's been working on decorating our New York apartment for the last 3 years ago. It's much smaller than our house in Arlington, VA - so one has to be creative.

She loves the NY flea markets. Last June she went on a shopping trip with designer
EDDIE ROSS to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. The lamp, painted tray, and even the black metal box she uses on the desk all came from a steal!!!.....but came the LEOPARD!

I like it. The ottoman came with us from the Arlington House. It just needed to be updated. The fabric came from Calico Corners. Mom made a side trip to her favorite CC in Arlington the last time she was in DC. Tara was very helpful, but when she suggested the leopard - Mom wasn't sure. Due's Mom referred us to a NY upholsterer who did a great job. It works! It fun, its fresh, without being over the top. And best of all - I think it might hide some of the dog hair I happen to leave around!

I know - enough with the decorating...tomorrow CENTRAL PARK...and it might rain tonight so I'm sure it will be lots of fun. Until then....

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style chronicle said...

That is fabulous! Great addition.

style chronicle said...

And Eddie would be proud...